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09-10-2012, 10:04 AM
My older brother, Michael (http://www.misland.deviantart.com) the more accomplished Sketch Up modeler between the two of us, has set up a website for yall to check out the models he's made. The models are free for download so have at it and let us know what yall think. We plan on posting more models at the website and giving them away but if any artist was to need a specialized model made we'd work out a deal depending on the detail and complexity of the model. We are thinking about putting together packs of models; kitchen appliances, furniture, street signs/objects, ect... for sale. What would yall think of that? Here's a link to the WEBSITE (http://www.mi3d.org)

And I'm still open for inking commissions, standard prices are $10 for a simple character, $20 for a more complex character like a pin-up kind of drawing, $25 for something with background objects, and $30 for panel stuff. Of course I'm willing to work with any potential client on my prices. I know how being broke feels since I'm that way right now myself. Also I'm going to offer to draw some actual character drawing commissions. I'm not going to charge much for that at the start of my little experiment. I'll start of at $10, that sound good to yall?

$10 me drawing the commission
Juumpin Spider_Man (http://dubbery.deviantart.com/art/Jumpin-Spider-297190075)

$10 simple character
Wonder Woman (http://dubbery.deviantart.com/art/Timothy-Green-II-s-Wonder-Woman-inks-295754764)

$20 complex character
Superman (http://dubbery.deviantart.com/art/Superman-157-by-Ed-McGiunness-294574061)

$25 backgrounds
Wonder Woman II (http://dubbery.deviantart.com/art/Wonder-Woman-by-Ed-Benes-292606920)

$30 panel stuff
X-Sanction (http://dubbery.deviantart.com/art/Ed-McGuinness-s-X-Sanction-page-inks-296698625)