View Full Version : battle of comic bravado: Darkseid vs Apocalypse

10-01-2011, 06:05 AM
Who wins in a battle of trash talk: Darkseid or Apocalypse? They both are immortal (or close to it), so they could probably cancel each other out. Comes down to a war of words, who ya got?

11-15-2011, 07:42 AM
Apocalypse is a wuss. He has hardly ever actually done/accomplished anything. Seriously, we've discussed this before in threads about great villains. For all his hemming and hawing, how he's built up to be this significant threat, he's really all bluster. He uses minions to do is his bidding like 98% of the time (and of course, they fail). He's immortal, sure, but he's never really been shown to be so uber powerful or resilient. He always seems to be more of a local/regional threat than a global one.

Darkseid on the other hand...

The real matchup would be Darkseid vs. Thanos. Basically the same character from the same creator, so those two are quite evenly matched :) (for the record, I believe Thanos would win. Both are very smart, and very powerful, but Thanos has just a hint of psychoticness thrown in with his genius that makes him unpredictable, but also "willing to do anything" kind of guy. Darkseid, believing his power is virtually unmatched, is a bit more cocky and when he is getting thumped, has a stronger sense of self preservation).

Evan Henry
11-15-2011, 07:28 PM
Another thing you have to cosider is that, although he doesn't use it much, Apocalypse has access to Celestial technology. The Celestials are a god race in Marvel Comics (created by Jack Kirby) that are Marvel's closest analogue to the New Gods. They are as powerful, possibly moreso, than their DC counterparts.

That said, I still have to go with Darkseid on this one. Omega beams > tube-like appendages connecting your elbows to your torso.