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09-26-2011, 10:26 AM
Ok..I know that Justice League is supposed to be 5 years before everything else. I think. But where does Action fit in? In Action Superman is not in his "uniform" yet. But at the end of Justice League he shows up in it, and at the end of Supergirl he's in it. I know Supergirl is after Justice League and I assume it's after Action, but which one is the timeline? Action or Justice League?

09-26-2011, 10:43 AM

>5 Years Ago: Stormwatch, in some form or another (Could be Seen in Demon Knights) form to combat threats to humanity as seen in Stormwatch in Swordsman, Harry Tanner's, memories.

>5 Years Ago: Batman begins his career in Gotham discreetly. This is where the whole urban legend angle comes from. We know this from various interviews.

>5 Years Ago: Clark Kent makes friends with a blonde and two guys who, after his debut as Superman, will visit him at his new apartment. There is strong conjecture that this is Legion founders but there is no evidence of this at this time.

5-6 Years Ago: Superman debuts as the first public superhero as seen in Action Comics

5 - 6 Years Ago: Heroes begin appearing all over the world, including Africa, where 'The Kingdom', a short lived team of heroes, comes together, ends a revolution and frees Batwing's country shortly before disappearing. This was all mentioned in the pages of Batwing.

5 - 6 Years Ago: Hal Jordon received his ring and training as green Lantern. This can be infered from his appearance in Justice Leage and various interviews saying much of his history remains intact

5-6 Years Ago: The Joker appears in Gotham and begins a 6 year campaign of terror leading to the present day. During this time he, amongst other things, shoots Barbara Gordon. This is shown in Detective. More on that below

5 Years Ago : The JL Forms as seen in Justice League

4-5 Years Ago: Buddy Baker debuts as Animal Man

1 - 5 Years Ago: Alec Holland becomes Swamp Thing

1 - 5 Years Ago: The "Worst Crisis the world's ever seen" occurs, as mentioned in Hawk and Dove and Dove is killed.

1 - 5 Years Ago: Superman dies and is resurrected as mentioned in Swamp Thing

1 - 5 Years Ago: Oliver Queen, according to his own words in Green Arrow, witnesses an event where he could have saved people and didn't. His inaction leads him to take on the role of Green Arrow.

1 - 5 Years Ago: The 'big bang' or similar event occurs in Dakota granting Static Shock his powers.

3 Years Ago: The Joker shoots Barbara Gordon (The Killing Joke) which leaves her temporarily wheelchair bound as shown in Batgirl.

During the Last Year: An event occurs that brings Alec Holland back from the grave.

Present Day: Barbara Gordon returns to action as Batgirl after regaining the ability to walk

Present Day: Brother Eye turns Kevin Kho, Cadmus Employee, into OMAC and raids facility.

Present Day: Animal Man's powers are not working properly and his daughter appears to have gained powers of her own.

Present Day: Joker is arrested for the first time and locked in Arkham as seen in Detective. Various posters keep arguing that this story must be set in the past because Joker couldn't possible have only been caught now. There is no evidence in any book or interview that I have seen to indicate that the book occurs in the past therefore, if we go by the rule that you need evidence to put something on the timeline, the story is occuring at the present day. This can be explained by the fact that DC was tired to fans asking how Joker can constantly escape prison. The new answer: he can't and he didn't. He only just got arrested.

Present Day: Static Shock's family moved to New York as seen in Static Shock.

Present Day: The UN forms the Justice League International for the first time.

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Cool...thanks for that.