View Full Version : DC: ICONS - The Art of Jim Lee

11-05-2010, 06:45 PM
Wassup guys. So my Dc Icons, Art of Jim Lee artbook just arrived in the mail and I gotta say WOW!!! This just may very well be the best artbook I've ever bought!

Here's the thing though. Apparently there's an PREVIEWS Exclusive version of the book. http://www.tfaw.com/Graphic-Novels/Profile/Icons-DC-And-Wildstorm-Art-Of-Jim-Lee-HC-Previews-Exclusive-Edition___365876 I got the $26 Hardcover off of Amazon. The PREVIEWS one is going for $44 as I just saw. I would of bought it, but I just found out about it today...*

The PREVIEWS one boasts an Sketch Variant cover done by Jim Lee, but when I take the dust jacket off mine it has an sketch variant anyways so I'm not to concerned about that. However, they also say there's 8 exclusive new pages of content made specifically for the PREVIEWS version.

My question is, did any of you guys buy this version? And are the 8 pages so ground breaking that I should spend another $45 just to get it? I'm very tempted, but having a hard time making the decision. I'll of spent close to $70 on 2 of these books if I do. And for only 8 more pages and probably the same sketch cover on the dust jacket just doesn't seem worth it. Let me know what y'all think.