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08-17-2010, 08:54 AM
The End of Paradise (http://www.championcitycomics.com/2010/05/end-of-paradise-pages-13-to-20.html) has been updated at Champion City Comics. What is The End of Paradise? Here's an overview: Nick Hamilton, a former small-time criminal, is on a serious revenge mission to kill Frankie Paradise, a notorious mob boss responsible for the death of an innocent man and his family. Joining Nick on his mission is Marshall Jackson, a weapons dealer, and The Kid, a teenage prophet and gun for hire. Nick, Marshall, and The Kid must take out Paradise's henchmen in order to get to their main target, Frankie Paradise.

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The Champion City Fire (http://www.championcitycomics.com/2010/03/champion-city-fire-pages-1-to-8.html): A vigilante tale of justice in a city of crooked cops, violent crime lords, and pushy dames. ADULT LANGUAGE & VIOLENCE

Westwood (http://www.championcitycomics.com/2010/06/westwood-pages-1-to-8.html): A science-fiction mystery
concerning the disappearance of a journalist investigating a secret society.

Johnny Knuckles (http://www.championcitycomics.com/2010/07/johnny-knuckles-pages-1-to-8.html): A space trucker takes on alien mobsters in this humorous adventure. ADULT LANGUAGE & VIOLENCE

Naira (http://www.championcitycomics.com/2010/07/naira-encounter-in-1166.html): An old-school science-fiction adventure set in a distant galaxy.

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