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06-08-2010, 02:11 PM
Basically, it's a bi-monthly compendium of twisted humor, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and dark art. Here's the pitch, email me if you're interested! You can see the site, sans issues, at http://asylumink.net and my email is contact@asylumink.net


The goal of Asylum Ink is to build greater awareness and traffic between the various contributors as well as create an easily digestible anthology for fans. If you are interested in participating, all contributions will be credited to their respective creators, a free ad and links will be provided to your home pages.

The criteria for publication are as follows:

Sequential /text stories:

o Only items that are self contained, nothing that ends in a cliff hanger (unless continued in the next Asylum Ink – not preferred).

o Submissions can be text only, art only, comedy, sci-fi, horror, action – just needs to be dark and/or twisted!

o Submissions MUST be complete. Even if the story is to continue over multiple issues, the first page will not be published until the last page is turned in.


o We’ll be accepting reviews of genre entertainment as well. This covers video games, TV, movies, comics, and books, but again we’re limiting our focus to the dark and twisted side of life


o We’re always looking to showcase dark and twisted art. The more the merrier! Submissions can include a variety of pieces to be showcased; the final cut will be decided by our editorial staff as space permits, but only utilizing the pieces submitted by you. Feel free to list in order of preference and if we have extras, maybe it’ll be enough to continue in another issue.

o Want to be a cover artist? We're looking for stylish, dark, usually painted (digital or otherwise), but most of all unique and hot! Send a small jpg for consideration.


o We’ll be featuring up to 3 select tracts from musicians. This will accompany a page detailing whatever info about the band we receive including photos and appearances.

Acceptable file standards:

o Text: Word Docs are fine, please be sure to include any art and/or photos that you would like included with the text.

o Art: No taller than 1463px and no wider than 1950px at 150dpi

o Music: Working on standards

Finally, submissions must include this line to be considered:

"My submission for publication in the Asylum Ink Compendium certifies that (1) I agree with the terms and conditions as specified; (2) My submission is my own original work; and (3) I certify that I (the creator of the submitted material) alone own clear, complete and total rights to the work.(4) I grant Asylum Ink the right to republish my work digitally and in print under the ASYLUM INK magazine title only."

Asylum Ink looks to be a home on the net for an audience of bored, 18-32 year olds that need a distraction but maybe have little disposable funds. We publish for free, funded solely by advertising and PDF versions of the magazine downloadable for $1. Asylum Ink – There’s always room for one more!