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03-02-2010, 01:54 PM
Why not distribute comic books internationally at a cheap price as digital copies? I'm not talking about that God awful Marvel Digital Comics crap, I'm talking about real monthly comic book distribution for places that doesn't even have a novelty bookstore.

Look, to be honest I enjoy 90% of my comics from comicscans. I buy trades and hard copies whenever I can wherever I can, but you can't expect me to buy an extensive and growing lists of tie-ins to get to the meat of the story that Geoff Johns wants to convey. Not with these taxes, and not with these unreliable mail order system or these local comic book stores that can't seem to stay alive for more than two years. Localizations only work for graphic novels, and I can't get my monthly dose of Guy Gardner in Green Lantern Corps when I can't even find the last issue of Green Lantern Rebirth from a few years back in any stores I've been through.

My proposal would be, to make some sort of iTunes for comic books where you can buy the hi-res digital copies of latest issues for a few measly dollars, or a few pennies for the low res. You have to register first and all your transactions will be logged in the system, with unremoveable metadata in every copies, so when there's a copy flying somewhere in rapidshare downloaded by the hundreds they'll know it's yours and legal action will follow. The service will only available for outside the US, as you all need to secure the wellbeing of those American workers in the paper mills and printing businesses. The extensive library will be available for all time, so I wouldn't have to worry about back issues. I can duplicate my copy for as much as I want, but I cannot distribute it freely. If I lose or deleted all of my copy, I'll have to buy it again. If someone else is selling or distributing my copy, I can report it as stolen data. If not, the data police may recognize my copy and prosecute me instead for distributing it. If I kept reporting my copies as stolen, the data police may bring me in for questioning of illegal distribution. EVERY DIGITAL COPY IS TREATED AS A REAL PRINTED COMIC BOOK MAGAZINE, ONLY DIGITAL. These will ultimately stop illegal comic book piracy and cut the need for comicscans to exist. It's licensed, with great comic book titles continually added, yet it will be cheap because you don't need paper printing or shipping & handling.

This may sound like an oddball business proposal, but I know this can work.