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Ian Ascher
02-20-2010, 08:38 AM
This might just make it back on my pull list.....

From Marvel and Newsarama: The most dangerous people on Earth are now all in one hellish prison, and the only way out is through rehabilitation and contribution to society via The Thunderbolts...under the leadership of the steel-hard-skinned Avenger named Luke Cage! So bring on the first participants: Juggernaut! Crossbones! Ghost! Moonstone! And...Man-Thing? Against the sordid recent history of the group as a black ops kill squad, can Power Man restore the Thunderbolts to their rightful potential?

02-20-2010, 01:32 PM
Um... hmmm...

While I personally like the characters of Juggernaut and Man-Thing, I find their inclusion in this title highly...


(especially Man-Thing, who's neither evil, nor even cares about 'contributing to society')

Ian Ascher
02-20-2010, 01:53 PM
Its an odd enough mix of characters that it has me curious enough to buy a few issues and see how it all works out.

I read elswhere that their base a tower on the East end of the Raft. Its what all the other super-powered convicts see when they get their fresh air out in the yard.

Cain Marko aka The Juggernaut has sought redemption a few times over the past 15 to 20 years, only to slide backawards. Since Thunderbolts is about second chances I think it works.

As for Man-Thing I agree with you... but the choice is out there enough to make me want to know how and why...

02-20-2010, 02:02 PM
I'd ditch Man-Thing because he's a force of nature. I can't see him -- it working well with super convicts. Especially, if they fear him.

chris stevens
02-20-2010, 08:49 PM
sounds like a great shake-up of the book to me. looking forward to it.

02-20-2010, 09:15 PM
Sounds... uhm... interesting.

Really, really dislike Juggernaut, Man-Thing, and Crossbones being on this list, which leaves Ghost and Moonstone, who've both been on Thunderbolts of late anyway.

I liked Juggernaut as an X-man, but they really need to pick a direction and go with it already. He's supposed to be recommitted to the cause of destruction, why the hell would he be on Thunderbolts? Man-Thing, as mentioned, isn't a villain anyway, much less should he be on a traditional team. I'd rather see him with a Defenders team or Midnight Sons revival. Crossbones, enh, they better have a good story to back this up, especially given his role in bringing down Captain America.

02-20-2010, 09:47 PM
Sounds like a shake-up solely for the sake of a shake-up.

02-21-2010, 12:13 AM
i'm planning on picking this up for the kev walker artwork. :)

02-22-2010, 04:29 AM
I'm really interested in this and I've heard good things about Parker's writing. I'm getting a Suicide Squad-vibe from the premise, which is definitely a good thing. Man-Thing surprises me, but I'm checking it out anyway.