View Full Version : I kind of want to start one with who you think the most overrated characters are...

Eugene Selassie
01-30-2010, 01:41 PM
1. Norman Osborn (Really? The Green Goblin as leader of the top intelligence agency after BS footage of him delivering the killshot to Veranke???)

2. The Hood (Liked him in the BKV mini and Beyond!, but he's gotten too big too fast. A more nuanced rise to power or a miniseries showing what he was doing post-Beyond would've been nice)

3. Apocalypse...my normal #1 most overrated of all time. This guy has been around 9000 years and has done exactly JACK $#!&
Only times he took over were
A. When he stole a bunch of technology from Kang after Kang left Ancient Egypt and
B. When Legion went back in time and accidentally killed Xavier so X-men were never formed...
Apocalypse basically needed a gimme. He's the type of guy that plays his video games on Rookie, then uses cheat codes AND pulls your controller out when you aren't looking.
IF you ONLY read X-Factor vol 1 #1-68 and NO OTHER APPEARANCE OF HIM, Apocalypse is one of the best villains ever though. Just disappointed with his treatment since.

4. Vulcan (Used to be my #2, but has been written well by DnA and Yost in the cosmic stuff)

5. The Purple Man (The ONLY reason that I LIKE Alias, but didn't LOVE the comic). Couldn't take him seriously as a legit villain.

6. Mr Sinister- Used to be WAY higher on this list, but Messiah Complex was a step in the right direction to making him a legit villain again (HATED Sinister's handling during the 90s). That was until the NEXT person on my list reared her not so ugly head.

7. Mystique- Really starting to think she's not that bad-ass and that it's maybe the X-men's stupidity that allows Mystique to keep killing over and over...
Senator Kelly, Moira MacTaggart, Mr Sinister... I wish they let Gambit decrapitate her when he had the chance.

8. Kaine- PLEASE let this era of Spidey lore die...

9. Fabian Cortez- THIS was the guy that was supposedly responsible for Magneto's death way back in X-men vol 2 #3? THIS was the guy that was deemed worthy to be the main antagonist of an X-men/Avengers crossover????

10. Tie between Skrulls and The Void-
If I never have to see another one of either of these again, it'll be too soon.