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12-18-2009, 12:10 PM
Interested in writing or drawing comics or working in related media? Do you live in the GTA or surrounding area? The Toronto Cartoonists Workshop is pleased to announce our expanded course offerings for Winter 2010!

Show Me A Story: Fundamentals of Storyboarding with Sam Agro

Many contemporary comic book artists supplement freelance income by working in film as storyboard artists. Join industry veteran Sam Agro (artist on the SAW franchise) as he breaks down the components of storyboarding for live-action film.

Comic Book Inking: 4 Perspectives with J. Bone, Ramon Perez, Ty Templeton & TBA

A course developed for inkers who want to expand the mark making vocabulary of an existing style or pencillers who wish to break into finishing their own work. Instructors are DC and Marvel artists who have been chosen because they represent the broadest possible spectrum of styles and approaches.

Writing for Comics: Finding Inspiration on a Schedule with Ty Templeton

Learn story construction, character development, dialogue, plotting, pitching and editing a script for the comics industry. Eisner-award winning writer and artist Ty Templeton will lead you through the formats and techniques of comic script writing.

All courses begin the week of February 1st.

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Happy Holidays!

Walter Dickinson
Toronto Cartoonists Workshop