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Ian Ascher
10-13-2009, 12:22 PM
Saw this on Newsarama... Kinda cool...

Dead characters aren't the only thing rising in Blackest Night.

Now, dead comic book series are coming back to life.

As announced at the Diamond Retailer's Summit in Baltimore this evening, the Blackest Night storyline and all its tie-ins are taking a month-long break in January, but eight one-shots will taking their place while also bringing back some fan-favorite canceled series.

"We've decided to expand what rises from the dead by bringing eight titles back from the dead," DiDio told Newsarama during his 10 Answers and 1 Question interview.

The eight one-shots will be:

- The Power of Shazam! #48 by Eric Wallace
- The Question #37 by Greg Rucka
- Suicide Squad #67 by John Ostrander and Gail Simone
- Phantom Stranger #42 by Peter Tomasi
- Catwoman #83 by Fabian Nicieza
- The Atom and Hawkman #46 by Geoff Johns
- Weird Western Tales #71 by Dan DiDio
- Starman #81 by James Robinson

While artists were not announced, DiDio told Newsarama one artist is closely associated with the series he or she is drawing.

Each of the one-shots will take place in current continuity and will tie into Blackest Night by featuring at least one Black Lantern interacting with the title characters. However, DiDio indicated Starman will be a special issue where Robinson will "pick up some threads" from the end of the writer's critically acclaimed series.

UPDATE: Writer James Robinson had this to say about Starman #81 on Twitter:

"Just so everyone knows now, Blackest Night Starman will feature a Black Lantern Starman. It will feature Opal and characters therein. But It will not have Jack Knight. He is happily in SF like me. And if he ever came back, it should be something bigger then a single issue. But I am very happy with the issue I've written. I think you'll dig it."

Writer Geoff Johns also used twitter to apparently spill the beans on one of the artists associated with the project, specifically his artist for The Atom and Hawkman #46: Ryan Sook! His tweet said this:

"Thanks. Thought it'd be fun. Plus I get to work with freaking RYAN SOOK."

10-14-2009, 11:17 AM
Why? (more toward the month long break than the titles)

Ian Ascher
10-14-2009, 06:57 PM
Ever since Blackest Night started all I've read from the artists like Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke is that it's a break neck schedule to get the art in on time so I assume this one month break is to allow them some time to catch up and complete the end of the series on time.

It also wouldn't surprise me if it was a way to make other storylines match up later in 2010.

Of course... knowing how DC likes to streatch out their hit series and really milk them for all their worth, it wouldn't surprise me if this was a marketing ploy to add eight more Blackest Night books to the line up. At least in my opinion, it's a creative idea and no one is forcing anyone to buy all eight of these isues.

Eugene Selassie
10-14-2009, 07:57 PM
This is a more natural way to allow the artists to catch up.
Reis and Mahnke are true professionals. Any time they've fallen behind, its usually never more than a few weeks.
This is fine compared to, lets say Civil War or Ultimates 2 or Final Crisis.

10-14-2009, 08:08 PM
Marvel has a bad habit of throwing in filler artists on even it's big events, and still coming up late. I like Doug Mahnke (and he's pretty fast normally, from what I understand), and I'm glad DC decided to push it back a little (but on a specific schedule) and let it's talent catch up.

Ian Ascher
10-15-2009, 07:16 PM
DC has now said the gap is needed because Issue #8 has been turned into a double sized issue.

I agree with Bio too... even though DC is stretching out Blackest Night and adding more books you're not forced to buy as many to get the bigger picture and the ones they do put out are of better quality.

Marvel event books are the highest possible beats of the story and a lot of little elements happen in the other books and get lost in translation by the time you reach the end.