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09-30-2009, 06:49 PM
Hey gangĖ

So, Iím sad to report that the Comic Book Script Archive (http://www.comicbookscriptarchive.com/) might be going down. It sucks because I know itís been really helpful to a lot of youĖ even some pros have emailed me, happy that the site existsĖ all of them commenting that they ďwished something like this was aroundĒ when they were breaking in.

That said, my hosting dues are up and Iím at a point, until December, where financially Iím living in a bunker. Thereís just no way I can justify the cost (which is around $120 a year, not exactly life changing money, but thatís a utility bill)Ė

So, Iím currently asking for donationsĖ but I know most people are just as strapped as I am, so I feel a little weird about that. But, I think Iíve figured out a good angle that can help keep the site alive and also help out a worthy cause.

(I donít know if Iíve ever said this on the site, but in no way do I ever want to turn a profit of the Comic Script Archive. It would be crass and icky to even attempt to turn a profit on the hard work of the writers who are so kind to donate their knowledge and words to this site-
Note: we have a few ads up, in the hopes that the revenue would defer the cost of the siteĖ but really: yeah no money there)

So, if you can, please donate whatever you feel comfortable with here:


Pennies make dollars, so whatever you can do would be hugely helpful.

Now, on the chance that we do not make our goal, any donations you guys have offered will get kicked over to legendary comic writer John Ostranderís cause: http://www.comix4sight.com/

John has been battling glaucoma and is need of support. You can read about it at the link above. Itís the most appropriate cause I could think ofĖ

And, in the event that we OVERshoot our goal (I can only hope), all overages will also go to Johnís cause.

Itíd be great if you guys could twitter or whatever as well. Iíve created a Tinyurl that directs back to this post on the Archive:


Thanks everyone!

09-30-2009, 08:41 PM

I have a Dreamhost account for the next nine months or so, and I'll probably re-up after that.

If you want to talk about hosting the site on that, drop me a line.