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Aaron Wilder
08-29-2009, 02:28 AM
With DC bringing characters into the DCU like Static, the Spirit, Flash Gordon, etc. it made me wonder what it would be like if Marvel and DC sat down and agreed to swap three characters with each other and integrate them into their universes. It would be one heck of a publicity stunt and would let both companies use writers and artists under exclusive deals on properties they had already worked on and were successful with.

1. Keep in mind that the swaps would have to be beneficial for both companies and would have to make reasonable sense.
2. Backstories would be kept as much as possible while severing ties to their original universes, including their entire rogues gallery for guys like Batman/Spiderman/Flash.

DC gets
1. Nova, a cosmic character who would be an awesome fit alongside Green Lantern and would be an interesting JLA member.
2. The Absorbing Man, a character who battled gods one-on-one and is now in sidekick mode. Let this guy show up and touch some kryptonite or a golden lasso or a GL power battery.
3. (Wildstorm) Iron Fist, a mystical offset to the sci-fi of the Bleed and one heck of a possible sparring partner for Midnighter.

Marvel gets
1. John Constantine, a great character who would fit in with other supernatural characters like Dr. Strange and Blade.
2. Clayface, a natural for a Spiderman villain and a candidate for Thunderbolts membership.
3. Deathstroke, the ultimate assassin to face off against Daredevil, Cap, Deadpool, Bullseye (the Wade vs Slade showdown).

Of course I stink as a GM, but what roster moves would you guys make?

08-29-2009, 02:54 AM
I'm looking at it as a entertainment perspective and not a money perspective.
'Cause MARVEL would probally try to get the big three and DC would probally get Spiderman, Wolverine and Hulk.


Dr. Strange(He could be written by Grant Morrison)
Cable (cable doesn't fit with marvel.)
Miracleman(DC is using Neil a lot, put him on this character.)


Captain Marvel(Shazam! This character would fit perfectly with Marvel.)
Hawk (These two don't need mix with the very serious world of DCU.)

This was a challenge considering batman and ironman couldn't be entertaining. Namor and Aquaman would be confusing. Superman and Sentry is too much. Etc...