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L Jamal
07-16-2009, 03:49 PM
Looking at WC, I think that there are comics that took advantage of the format to deliver something cool like Kamandi and Wonder Woman.

I'm a big GL and Busiek fan. I think it a big mistake to only feature GL in the final panel.

Gaiman and Allred's Metamorpho reads like Madman. Good thing because I prefer Madman to Metamorpho.

Absolutely loved, the Flash and Strange Adventures and Kamandi.

Overall, I think the colorists didn't take into account the newsprint and some strips ran too dark (Superman and WW).

I love the art of the Teen Titans, but the storytelling isn't on the same level as the other strips.

As a format, I think I would have preferred something the size of a tabloid like Star or the Enquirer. The large size is really hard on the arms. Unlike a regular newspaper, you can't fold this down and enjoy it by just reading it 1/2 a page at a time.

Kamandi did a good job of incoporating the logo into the strip as did Batman and Green Lantern. Teen Titans and Wonder Woman wasted a lot of space with their logos.

What would have been absolutely awesome is a 16-paged comic that told a single story. I think I want to take 16 pages tell one story at the National Enquirer size. (Time to price such a beast )

I look forward to the 200 paged collection of WC that allows me to read the story at once. But I look forward to WC #2 to see how they chose to recap this week's pages.

So that was my impression of WC #1.
I just had a chance to look at WC #2 and ....

It's nice to see that they are moving the focus on the cover around. Last week was Superman and this week we have Hawkman. Otherwise, the interiors are in the same order.

Batman had no recap and I feel like I've missed something between this week and last week. No Batman this week, but the plot is moving forward.

Kamandi is still my favorite of the bunch. I love the Sunday adventure strip format and I love Kamandi, so that explains it. I'd love to have the original art for this strip on my wall complete with lettering!

Superman features Batman this weekend and is just too dark and muddled. Maybe it's the ink absorption of the paper. I expect Superman to be bright and cheery. So far he's more Batman than Superman.

This week, Deadman was hard to read. On my copy the registration of the colors is a bit off (it also affects Flash which is on the same side of the page). Since this strips using green text (a combination of more than on color plate), the effect is really blurred lettering. All non SFX text for this project should have been black.

Green Latern still doesn't feature much GL, but it's my second favorite strip after Kamandi.

Metamorpho still reads as Madman. The multiple versions of the characters moving through the page is a subtle technique that I missed in my first reading. Enjoyed the bottom strip, but wish there was more to Metamorpho this week.

Teen Titans is still well designed, but just lacking in story telling. Garth shows up and is dispatched (panel 7) without ever being introduced. The panel breaks are confusing and the lettering doesn't help lead the eye correctly.

Strange Adventures is still amazing. Pope makes me want to do an adventure strip in this manner.

Supergirl still hasn't advanced much.

I'd lost interest in Metal Men. The art by Lopez and Nowlan is beautiful, but Didio's jokes are overly lame.

Wonder Woman is still to dark and way more dense that all ths other strips. It will be interesting to see how it stands up when collected at a smaller size.

Still waiting for plot movement on Sgt Rock and Easy Co. The coloring in panels 3-6 really stand out as the rest of the strip is mainly flat colors. The blood in these panels just doesn't seem to fit.

As I mentioned earlier, the Flash (and Deadman) suffers from a plate shift. However, it's not distracting on the Flash. I'm very much enjoying this strip and like the way they play the it as 2 different strips (Flash and Iris West).

Catwoman brings in the Demon this week and as much as I love Stelfreezem I can't seem to care about this strip.

Hawkman is dark as well, but not unreadable. More movement of plot and some not so subtle intro to Hawkman's technology. My only complaint with Hawkman is the lettering takes me out off the experience. However, I'm sure the average reader will not notice or care about the lettering.

What are your thoughts on WC #2?

Ian Ascher
07-17-2009, 06:18 AM
Right now my favorite strips are...

Kamandi: just because the art is so damn beautiful and it looks the most like an actual Sunday Comic.

Sgt Rock: It's by Joe Kubert. Even if there was no dialogue I'd still look at the art and love it.

Deadman: I like the style of this one and I like where it's going after only two weeks.

Catwoman and Demon: This pairing is so natural I can't believe it's never been done before. With 2 strips out of the way to really introduce the characters I think this one will take off.

I didn't like the Flash the first week but liked it the second. Superman this week was just... meh. Wonder Woman boggles my mind. I like the style and the design but it's tough to read in this format. Titans threw me for a loop because Berganza mixed up his products. Trident is a gum... not a toothpaste. That line threw me right out of the story for some reason. Totaly derailed me.

I hope these are collected as well but I think they should do it over four books and break everything up to make it more affordable then do the big Absolute Edition with character designs, scripts, layouts, interviews and the whole nine yards.

07-21-2009, 12:03 AM
Flash is my favorite, but mainly because I really love Kershel's artwork and think he should do nothing but draw the Flash.

Metamorpho while slow at the moment I can't wait to see what Gaiman and Allred do with the character.

My surprise favorite is now Supergirl because it's been very fun with fantastic artwork.

So far I've really enjoyed it and can't wait to pick them up each week.

07-21-2009, 04:26 AM
My guess is, that this is an excellent and romantic idea for promoting comics.
Back to the future!!

Waiting for the next wednesday comics.
Very good.