View Full Version : Tyrses Gibson's "Mayhem"

Mark Bertolini
07-10-2009, 04:47 PM

Not sure what I think about this yet. But Tone Rodriguez is on board, and I really miss Violent Messiahs, so I might pick this up.

07-11-2009, 03:20 PM
Well, he sure sounds passionate about this comic. Interesting coincidence with the announcement that Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian will be writing Lobo for a two-issue stint, by the way. Although, in this case, Iím not quite sure what Tyrese Gibsonís creative part is, other than dealing out guidelines like: ĎMake this guy look badass and have him do badass stuff and be sure to put those cool stripes on his mask.í

Pretty brutal stuff, from the looks of it. If the storyís good, Iíll check out the first few issues. The article is kinda light on the meat and potatoes, though.

I also dig the art a lot, but where did that lady get the Black Widow outfit? :huh: