View Full Version : Part 3 of my Spotlight on Starlord Now Up!

Brother Zag
05-17-2009, 11:40 AM
My third and final "Cosmic Spotlight" on the Marvel Comics character "Starlord" is up now at http://cosmicbooknews.com. This covers the character from the nineties up to just before "Annihilation" begins. Science fiction writer Timothy Zahn was kind enough to answer some questions about his take on Starlord in the nineties. Rafael Marin told me why he and Carlos Pacheco decided to do something different with Starlord for their "Inhumans" miniseries in 2000. And then-Marvel Assistant Editor Andy Schmidt gives some insight into the Peter Quill revival that Keith Giffen began in "Thanos" in '04. Read all about it here: http://cosmicbooknews.com/articles/starlord_part_3

The first two parts are still up. Chris Claremont provided his insights for the second installment. Did you know that he, John Byrne and Terry Austin did their "Star-Lord" story as a warm-up for their legendary run on "Uncanny X-Men"? I didn't, until he revealed that in our interview! Part two with Claremont is here: http://www/cosmicbooknews.com/articles/starlord_part_2

Steve Englehart created the character. He was kind enough to look back on Star-Lord's origin with me for the first installment: http://www.cosmicbooknews.com/articles/starlordcs

Really enjoyed looking back at a very cool character!