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Comix Obsession
05-15-2009, 07:52 AM
I'm British, and I've never read Judge Dredd. I'm also 26, so I don't really have an excuse, either.

Anyway, the movie was on the other night, and yes, it's terrible, but I liked the overall idea of the Judges and the dystopian Mega-City 1, so I decided to order the first book in the collection of the series, which I've been meaning to do for some time.

So as a first time reader, I can see that these guys knew exactly what they were doing from the start. Dredd is a mystery, and I've only read the first few stories, but I was surprised to see Dredd portrayed not as a hulking figure of fear, but as a fairly average man with an unerring belief in the law. Yes, it's campy as hell - the story with Dredd fighting the special effects monsters was pure comic cheesiness and I loved it! But most of all I can't wait to see where the series is going - as far as I know there are about 14 books in the collection at the moment - that's an awful lot of history to get through!

And Dredd ages in real time - that's a fantastic character idea!