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Brother Zag
04-16-2009, 05:16 PM
In This Week's “Permanent Damage” by Steven Grant


For the last year, Mike Luoma's been online publishing his strip PANTHEA OBSCURA (http://www.drunkduck.com/Panthea_Obscura/), and currently beginning the fourth "issue." The premise – what the relationship is of ancient gods still walking the earth and a civilization that no longer acknowledges their existence, and currently facing the consequences of their own actions as they try to win some acknowledgement back – has gotten a bit well-trod over the past few years (Neil Gaiman has probably poisoned that well as much as anybody) but Luoma has done a pretty decent job of it nonetheless. Though the latest installment's taking on aspects of THE MIGHTY THOR, and that might not be a good direction. The art's okay, drastically improved by flashy coloring (I'm starting to wonder if too many strips aren't banking too much on computer screen luminosity for effect; then again, that's the medium...) but Luoma's writing is entertaining enough to gloss over it. This reminds me of some of the better independent comics published in the late '70s...

Love that last line!