View Full Version : JUSTICE now a Mini Series

Ian Ascher
03-19-2009, 07:50 AM
From 20 Questions this week:

4) At WonderCon, James Robinson said that his Justice League project has been taken down from an ongoing to a miniseries. What was the thought that went into that decision?

DD: There were a couple – one was particularly story-driven, because the first story that we’re creating in that series has a very clear beginning, middle and end; and the second decision is that once you see the artistic style of the series, you’ll understand why I wanted to elevate it up from what it was, which was an ongoing series, and move to make it more of a showcase, because it’s just exceptional. Also, the story becomes a launch point for other things that take place in the DC Universe.

Also, the style of the art is very “painterly” and I was having trouble following up with that, so that helped us decide to make this story its own miniseries. It really does have strong ramifications, not just for the justice League, but for the entire DCU. So I think it’s a good thing – it puts a real spotlight on a really exceptional story that’s not just well-written by really beautifully painted.