View Full Version : The Boys #27 (Spoiler?)

02-16-2009, 06:04 PM
I wasn't sure where to put this one, seeing as how it's a Dynamite series, and not tied to DC anymore. Anyways...

First off: is anyone else reading this? This book is consistently on the top of my stack, every time I pick it up. Just fantastic.

A question, though:

All throughout the series, Butcher has really had it out for the Homelander. I haven't taken the time yet to look back at the earlier issues, but I believe it was hinted at that maybe Homelander raped Butcher's wife, and the subsequent birth killed her.

This issue, though, Hughie mentions how the Homelander's origins are a bit more down-to-earth than they're publicized to be: "a V-ed up fetus" rather than a rocket from the sky. Butcher's reaction is stone cold.

Leaves me wondering...is Butcher (in a way) Homelander's father? Was it HIS wife that Homelander came out of?