View Full Version : Dead of Night: Werewolf by Night #1

02-05-2009, 12:08 PM
Ok so I only got issue 1 today and issue 2 has just come out, but that only means that I am 1 issue late (and in a few days I won't be ;) )

anyway I would just like to say that this comic is an awesome re imagining of the character Werewolf by Night, who was admittedly to me more like a super hero than a horror comic star, into just that...a Horror comic star.

From the opening scene really pulls you into the horror of the story with the sheer amount of gore involved to Jack's transformation into the titular beast and well placed flashbacks (which thankfully do not reveal too much at once) culminating with a tragic event that Jack may or may not be responsible for.

I for one can't wait to get part two to see if the writer Duane Swierczynski can keep up the great start with issue 1.

Oh and as for the art...if anything I think it is even better than the writing. While I am normally not a fan of "realistic" looking art, instead preferring the styles found in Ultimate Spider-Man and the recent Teen Titans Year One, I have to say that Mico Suayan's style really suits this kind of comic as it has a dark and beastial look to it which is really helped by Ian Hannin's colours.

I say if you haven't checked this out yet...stop wasting time and get hold of a copy, you won't be disappointed