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01-04-2009, 07:17 PM
So i bought a bunch of good books the other day, and just got around to reading them this afternoon. Daredevil contiues to be amazing with the Lady Bullseye storyline keeping up the great pace of the last few arcs. This book is ridiculously good, worth picking up in trade, if thats what you're into. Brubaker's Captain America was another pretty boring issue, he has for the first time been writing a book that i want to stop reading, he's not making me care, at all. His third book i got this week was Incognito #1. Great book. I was fairly unhappy that he and Phillips would be switching to this from Criminal, but now i would like to see them continue with Incognito for a good long time, then go back to Criminal. It is a superhero/pulp mix, and nicely done. Another superhero/pulp mix attempt was DC's Vigilante, and I know Marv Wolfman is old school and a solid writer, but for an issue #1 it was pretty boring. I guess most DC books are just boring these days, sorry. And Rick Leonardi's work, which i've always thought i was a fan of, was weak, maybe it was the inkers fault, i dont know. Finally Kick Ass #5 came out, and it was a great read as well, a very solid book, great premis and art. The new Thor (13?) was pretty great as well, focusing on Loki and her/his evil plans, with not even a cameo of Thor and the book is still amazing to look at and fun to read. I guess they are rejoining the new and old series with #600 next month, should be cool.

Mark Bertolini
01-05-2009, 02:35 PM
Ed Brubaker keeps hitting the mark on all of his books. The lady Bullseye arc is great, I personally love every issue of Cap, and Incognito was the best new read in quite a while. It made me pull out my Sleeper trades and read them again.