View Full Version : Advanced DC Previews for January

Ian Ascher
10-19-2008, 07:52 AM

What in the hell is DC doing that JG Jones was supposed to have a huge leap on the art for Final Crisis, then they bring in Carlos Pacheo to help him out, then they have Doug Mahnke finish the event with art on issue #7?

If we believe Grant Morrison, he had issues #1-4 scripted before Countdown was even concieved by the powers that be. JG Jones himself said he had over a year to work on it as well.

Aside from all that....

The New Years Evil books look to be fun with some cool one-shots. I'm really curious on the Deathstroke issue after he nearly died.

I'm also hoping the Outsiders Special really kicks this book into gear after so many hiccups. This title has serious potential and has yet to hit the gound running.

11-01-2008, 01:39 AM
I mean don't get me wrong on this... I enjoy light being shed on the darker side of the good/evil scenario, but is this like 52 for bad guys?

I'm sure the concept is far more interesting and in depth than my cynical assumptions are seeing right now, but I'm curious as to how much steam the "Faces of Evil" one shot series will carry. I mean, granted it worked for 52 to bring some secondary characters to the forefront and make them interesting and fun to read about. But I don't see a one shot about Kobra really moving me to want to know more about him. But then again, see my above self-criticism. :p

Granted, a wonderful business tactic to make sure every issue of every main comic book line is entrenched in the FOE story. Too bad I know I won't possibly be able to keep up with my current paycheck.. :yawn:

But hey,you can't deny there are some great characters that are being brought foreword. I'm really excited to see what they do with Grundy. Only time will tell, I suppose.