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07-26-2008, 06:50 PM
comiXology presents Day 3 of its SDCC giveaway extravaganza


Digital Webbing Presents #29 Limited Edition cover, featuring the first full-length Fist of Justice story

Digital Webbing Presents #30 Limited Edition cover, featuring the second Fist of Justice story

Sword of Dracula/Vampirella: Extended and Dangerous One-Shot

Bloodrayne: Twin Blades One-Shot - The story of the origin of Bloodrayne's blades.

Bleeders One-Shot - A serial killer with unsettling ties to World War II has targeted survivors of the holocaust and escaped Nazi war criminals. With zero leads generated from the bizarre clues left behind by the ghostly killer, investigator Monica Morrison begins to believe that the suspect she's been trailing might not be human.

Contract #1 from A First Salvo, signed by writer Garan Madeiros. And tune in Monday for our exclusive podcast interview with Garan!
Fluorescent Black - direct from Nathan Fox, we're getting the SDCC preview book by M.F. Wilson, Nathan Fox and Jeromy Cox. This 24-page part one of the graphic novel will appear in the September issue of Heavy Metal magazine.
There will also be one or more books from Viper Comics in this prize package-- details as yet unknown!
Additionally: Two second-prize winners will each receive a copy of Contract #1 signed by Garan Madeiros!

Click Here (http://www.comixology.com/promotions/13/Click-here-to-enter-Saturdays-SDCC-giveaway-) for more info and how to enter