View Full Version : Clickwheel iPod comics releases iPhone content as well as 2000AD downloads

03-19-2008, 12:46 PM
Clickwheel.net is proud to announce several new projects and tools to it’s existing digital comic offerings, including exclusive independent content in the form the iNKED Anthology, an improved and expanded 2000AD download service, as well as full CBR support for all existing content and new iTunes functionality.

Clickwheel’s new quarterly ‘iNKED’ Anthology is a full-length (161 frames!) downloadable comic created specifically for iPod/iPhone, though also available in PDF and CBR format for PC reading. iNKED boasts exclusive work from Steve Horton and Sam Romero, (Gambling Souls) Joe Dunn, (Joe Loves Crappy Movies) Matt Chicorel, (Night Light Comics) Justin Pierce, (The Non-Adventures of Wonderella) Colin White, (Comix Calling) and more for a total of over a whopping 150 frames of content. If you would like your comic to be considered for inclusion in iNKED send your submission to tim’at’clickwheel.net.

The 2000AD download service featured on Clickwheel has graduated out of BETA and now features improved interface, CBR support as well as subscription options.

Improvements have also been made to Clickwheel’s user generated content tools. The site now supports CBR format and ALL of Clickwheel’s existing content is now available as an iPod download AND a CBR download. No iPod? No worries! Now when you upload comics to Clickwheel it automatically becomes available for iPod and CBR with one upload! Add your comic to Clickwheel today by simply registering at: https://www.clickwheel.net/users/apply and selecting ‘creative.’

We have also added new bookmarking tools in our improved layout. Click ‘add to my channel’ to keep track of your favorite Clickwheel comics via the ‘My Channel’ browser on the Clickwheel homepage, or for comics with movie or PDF content, click ‘add to iTunes’ on feature’s episode list page. (Add to iTunes for Safari and Internet Explorer only at present.) It’s now even easier to browse and read Clickwheel’s many free comics!

Find all of this and more at www.clickwheel.net