View Full Version : CEMETARY BLUES #1 a review

01-16-2008, 07:40 PM
Writer: Ryan Rubio
Artist Thomas Boatwright
Letterer (give’em some love, letters need fans to): Jason Hanley
A three issue limited series.
Black & White with shades of Gray
22 pages with no ads or breaks in the story
Published by Shadowline a division of Image Comics.


The first website seemed more informative.

Mortimer Ridely and his traveling companion, fellow monster hunter Falstaf, travel to Hernesburg, England, to dispatch some undead beasties in a most unusual way. The duo appear to be under the direction of a mysterious figure by the name of Lear (no mention is made of his being royalty), Mortimer and Falstaff make up the last of his “order”. From initial readings it seems that Mortimer and Falstaff are probably not Lear’s first choice in a monster hunting and destroying operation. The two appear to be about as competent as a bunch of Jr. High School kids playing ROCK BAND on the easy mode, and then deciding that’s probably enough to start a real band. That would be to say they're not competent, either the monster hunters or the kids, and that neither seemed like a terribly good idea, either the monster hunting or the forming of a band based upon ones prowess at a video game.

The duo then becomes embroiled in the town of Herensburg’s ongoing problem with some other beasties in the woods to the East. At this point were not sure what the horrid problem in the woods to the East might be, but SOMETHING must be out there, and the town finds two patsies, erhh, MONSTER HUNTERS to lead the towns expedition into the wood, and lay down some righteous, godly like law. The old priest of the town seems quite enamored with the duo, while the young priest (yup, they got an old priest and a young priest, you make the connection on the movie reference) doesn’t seem so impressed with the duo.

In one issue Mr. Rubio and Mr. Boatwright give us undead beasties, ghosts, an evil arch nemesis, an old priest, AND a young priest, a romance (albeit one sided), and a buddy book. Quite frankly it’s comedic horror GOLD! I was left with a smile on my face after the first read, and there is no doubt in my mind that CEMETARY BLUES is by far the best Independent book, and, hold your breath, the BEST ALL AROUND comic of the week! I’d give it a 9 out of 10 whatever the hells you want to compare it to, and I only hold off on the PERFECT 10 in hopes that the team of Rubio and Boatwright outdo themselves in issues 2 &3.

I loved it. It’s one of those books that makes you want to go out and find out what the pair of creators has worked on before, track down their convention schedule, make sure you get your books signed, and attempt to get a sketch. These two guys deserve some attention, and the book deserves your $3.50. It’s going to spruce up that comic collection of yours, and for once you’ll be the cool kid reading that kick ass comic that all the other geeks haven’t found out about yet…YET!

Oh, yeah. I dug it. Thumbs up and all that jazz!