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10-20-2007, 06:33 PM
What's up DW'ers, its been a long while since I've posted anything, not that many of you would recognize my screename, but I've been long at work on putting together my own website; coloredcomics.com. It's still in its enfancy and there's still a lot I am learning but its fun, and I believe a lot in trial by error method.

Coloredcomics.com features, four webcomics, The Super Senior, Toadyhog, Boomerang and Colored Comics Presents;Updates are on Wednesday, every Wednesday (except for CC! Presents, that's bi-monthly, and has yet to be launched). There's a link to the websites blog, and is updated with commentary. I hope you enjoy, if you like it bookmark us and/or tell a friend. Thanks for your support, or just for taking the time to take a look. Thank you.