View Full Version : Shades: Chapter 7 - launched and naked!

09-12-2007, 08:26 AM
Yes, Broken Voice Comics (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk) has just posted the first page of Chapter 7 (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/Comics%20files/Shades/Volume%202/Chapter%207/shades%20ch07%20p01.html) of its online graphic novel Shades. And yes, it is a full page splash of one of the main characters. Naked. Sadly for all heterosexual males, it's neither the perky young Becky Allen nor the rather more feisty Boo. But, if you happen to like 5,000 year old, bald men covered in tattoos, you're in for a real treat!

http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/News%20files/Shaman%2002.jpg (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/Comics%20files/Shades/Volume%202/Chapter%207/shades%20ch07%20p01.html)

Actually, even if your preferences aren't quite that liberal, you're still in for a real treat. Although there's only the first page of it online so far, Chapter 7 (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/Comics%20files/Shades/Volume%202/Chapter%207/shades%20ch07%20p01.html) will contain two of my favourite scenes in the whole of Shades.

Towards the end of the chapter, there's a nice little domestic scene with Stan, his daughter Jill and her son Sunil - all together in the same room for the first time. I'm not going to give away any plot spoilers but suffice it to say, things I've written myself don't usually make me laugh and this scene does. Look out for it - it's not so very far away now!

Before then, however, the chapter opens with a glimpse into the past (and thoughts) of the Shaman. (See - that's the naked guy I was warning you about!) Harsho Mohan Chattoraj has produced some great artwork for Shades but, in these opening few pages of Chapter 7 (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/Comics%20files/Shades/Volume%202/Chapter%207/shades%20ch07%20p01.html), I think he may have surpassed even his own high standards. Go see that first page now and treat yourself to a taste of what's to come!

Oh, and if all that's not enough, we've one more little treat in store. This chapter will also give us our first glimpse of the third and final member of our main trio of bad guys. You saw Dominion in the Prologue (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/Comics%20files/Shades/Volume%201/Prologue/shades%20prologue%20p01.html) and Credo in Chapter 6 (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/Comics%20files/Shades/Volume%202/Chapter%206/shades%20ch06%20p01.html). Now meet Bedlam. As you might expect, he's really not a very nice person at all!