View Full Version : Lab Bratz - Side Effects

06-04-2007, 08:43 PM
Hi all,

This week's (http://labbratz.comicgenesis.com) Lab Bratz episode is about the dangers of government-funded drug studies.

That is, if ComicGenesis gets their act together and gets the entire damn site back up and running. At least one day per week over the last month has been radio silence day. And you can all guess what that does to readership...

I know folks like D.J. will extoll the virtues of DrunkDuck, and I've been thinking of going with them for quite some time (or even getting my own hosting). But I have a ZILLION links to my current site. Going somewhere new will result in losing a lot more readers than is happening now.

Then there is the whole issue of transferring over a hundred episodes and advertising, and vote buttons, etc.


I do NOT have time for all this. Advice?