View Full Version : Broken Voice Comics - shouting "Boo!" at Shades

11-22-2006, 07:29 AM
Broken Voice Comics (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk) is pleased to announce that Chapter 4 (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/Comics%20files/Shades/Volume%201/Chapter%204/shades%20ch04%20credits.html) of its flagship title the online graphic novel Shades (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/shades%20surround.html) is being launched today!


Written by David A J Berner (me!) and illustrated in full colour by artist Harsho Mohan Chattoraj, Shades (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/shades%20surround.html) tells the story of a group of heroes in the UK, struggling to come to terms with their role in late 20th Century Britain; a Britain still haunted by the loss of Empire.

Chapter 4 (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/Comics%20files/Shades/Volume%201/Chapter%204/shades%20ch04%20credits.html) (simply titled Boo!) can perhaps best be described as the end of Act 1. The whole of the Prologue and the first four chapters have been concerned with introducing the key characters, with just a few teasers as to where the main plot is heading. This is the end of that sequence before Chapters 5 and 6 bring those early strands together and the characters are pitched headlong into the meat of the story!

Against the backdrop of a break-in at the British Museum, the story has so far seen retired tailor Stanley Miller and his grandson Sunil meet a former WW2 fighter pilot and the leader of a strange cult known only as The Shaman. An equally intriguing character is due to be introduced in Chapter 4 (http://www.brokenvoice.co.uk/Comics%20files/Shades/Volume%201/Chapter%204/shades%20ch04%20credits.html). Without giving too much away, her friends tend to call her "Boo". Its not her full name but its kind of appropriate, since she has been known to deliver a shock or two!