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  1. Biographical Comic seeks artist with strong caricature/likeness skills.
  2. Cowriter needed
  3. Artist Required for project that HAS A PUBLISHER!
  4. Colorist Needed for Pitch
  5. Rising Sun Comics Has Openings!
  6. Letterer Wanted for newest issue of El Toxico
  7. Writer needed...
  8. [PAID]Looking for capable INKER that can immitate my style
  9. Penciller wanted for a Superhero Comic
  10. Help Wanted
  11. Looking for artist willing to colab on comic book
  12. Art needed
  13. Seeking artist to illustrate a mini-series: Paid
  14. Looking for a passionate and able letterer 1-5 pages +cover
  15. Writer/Edtors Needed
  16. Penclers, Inkers, Colorists Needed
  17. The Webcomic Factory looking for artists!
  18. Looking for letterer/someone to edit my script
  19. Paid penciler/inker take your portfolio to the next level!!!
  20. DPI Studios is seeking Pencilers (paid)
  21. Looking For Artist (Paid)
  22. Help Wanted
  23. Looking for a colorist
  24. Colorist needed for accepted 8-page short
  25. Looking for artist
  26. Need an artist or colorist to make web comics for fun
  27. Looking for Artist (back-end pay)
  28. Seeking an inker and letterer that can help with my comics.
  29. Help Wanted
  30. Help Wanted
  31. Looking for a Writer
  32. Writer Needed to sculpt a pitch.
  33. Help Wanted
  34. Open for submissions!
  35. open for submissions horror/sci fi/ fantasy stories
  36. Script Writer Needed
  37. Rising Sun Comics is looking for Artists!
  38. Two Pinups
  39. Children's Book Author Looking for Illustrator
  40. Looking for artist for IF anthology submission
  41. Artists Needed
  42. Looking for a collaborator colorist
  43. Looking for a person familiar with Hmong culture
  44. Writer/Editors Needed
  45. Artist ready for french comics.
  46. Looking for colorist
  47. Writer wanted:
  48. Writers, Editors, Management
  49. [Collaboration] Let's make a comic!!
  50. Writer looking for work.
  51. Help Wanted
  52. accepting short stories for march/april
  53. Artist Wanted
  54. Looking for artist
  55. Artist Needed
  56. WAREHOUSE 9 is looking for artist! PAID GIG!
  57. Help Wanted
  58. Artist Needed for New Imprint/Collaboration
  59. Help Wanted
  60. Published Writer looking for Artist
  61. Fantasy Artist Wanted For Comedy Series
  62. Collaboration - Looking for Artist
  63. COLORIST needed for Webcomic/OGN (PAID)
  64. Christian Comics Collaborators Needed
  65. Looking for 1 page paid comission
  66. Looking for an artist with a particular set of skills for what will be a paid gig
  67. Help Wanted
  68. Looking for comic COLORIST (paid per page)
  69. Published Artist looking for writer!
  70. Artists, Writers, Editors Needed
  71. Help Wanted
  72. Need penciller for Image project.
  73. Colorist needed for ongoing webcomic (paid per page)
  74. Flatter/colorist needed
  75. Artist needed for a well established webcomic
  76. [PAID] Colorist Needed For Crazypants Grindhouse Mini-Series
  77. Cover art needed
  78. Artist Wanted for IDW Project
  79. Artist Wanted
  80. Looking for colorist
  81. Help Wanted
  82. Help Wanted
  83. Help Wanted
  84. Artist Needed:
  85. Artist needed for horror comic trilogy about a serial killer
  86. Writers/Artists/Editors/and More
  87. Flatter (PAID)
  88. Looking artist for Heavy Metal magazine submission
  89. Rising Sun Comics is looking for Artists!
  90. seeking anthology stories & pin ups for June/July issue
  91. Looking for an artist
  92. Help Wanted
  93. need Inker
  94. Seeking for translator spanish/english to Ace Weekly comic
  95. Help Wanted
  96. accepting new submissions for all styles anthology stories
  97. Idea for a scifi LGBTQ themed series
  98. Seeking pencil artist for short story project.
  99. Artist Wanted
  100. Artist Needed:
  101. Seeking Content for Sunday Comics Showcases on Entertainment Website
  102. William Messner-Loebs: Benefit Book About Homelessness
  103. Help Wanted
  104. Artist Wanted
  105. Letter Wanted
  106. Experienced artist(s) needed for fantasy/sci-fi webtoon
  107. Anthology Now Accepting Submissions
  108. Editor/Writers needed
  109. Help Wanted
  110. Looking for colorist for one shot crime comic
  111. Fanzine taking submissions
  112. Colorist Needed PAID work
  113. [Wanted] Penciler
  114. Published Author Seeking Artist for Collaboration
  115. Logo designer / animator
  116. Writer Seeking Artists For Collaboration on 1 Page Scripts
  117. Help wanted
  118. Looking for the right artist for the job
  119. Help Wanted
  120. Artist wanted
  121. Artist needed for crowdfunded supernatural horror comic, paid promo pages
  122. Writer seeks Artist for Mini-Comic
  123. Writer Seeks Artist For 5 Page Slice Of Life Story
  124. Help Wanted
  125. Looking For A Colorist For 22 Page Comic
  126. Seeking artists of ANY SKILL LEVEL for collaboration on graphic novel projects
  127. Multiple collaborations for pencilers
  128. Rising Sun Comics Has Openings!
  129. Seeking colorist for webcomic
  130. Accepting horror/fanstasy/nior/scifi submissions
  131. Writer looked for a Penciler/Inker/Colorist
  132. Writers Needed
  133. Join an active comics creator group!
  134. Help Wanted
  135. Help Wanted
  136. Help needed all around
  137. Pencillers
  138. WANTED: Whole Art team - 1 Artist,1 Inker, 1 Colorist - PAID with Co-OWNERSHIP
  139. (paid) Hiring comic artist for monster anthology short story
  140. (Paid) Hiring line artist for a sci-fi/fantasy story. (5 issues)
  141. Cover Needed (Trade of Service)
  142. Writer needed
  143. Help Wanted
  144. Colorist or Flatter job (NSFW)
  145. Writer seeking Artist for 4-6 page short for LGBT Anthology
  146. Assistant writer is needed.
  147. Writer looking for collaborative artist
  148. [Paid] Artist needed for 24-page comic