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  1. HORROR HAIKUS: A contest for all creators
  2. Help Wanted
  3. Looking for a pencilling partner
  4. Colorist for Pitch Needed
  5. logo design services needed
  6. Editor/Writers Needed for Multiple Genres
  7. Western Comic - Looking to do Kickstarter/submit publishers
  8. Seeking artist for 5pg comic for mental health anthology
  9. Seeking Concept/Character Artists for Animation/Theatre Project - Epic Fantasy Drama
  10. Very Good Pencilers & Colorists
  11. artist looking for writer for STAR WARS FANCOMIC
  12. Seeking colorist for 5 page story
  13. Looking for co-creator artists
  14. Letterer needed - paid
  15. Uk publisher anthologies open for submissions
  16. Comic for a Horror Story?
  17. Paid project - Looking for artist
  18. Seeking: Co-Creator ARTIST
  19. Writer/Editor Wanted
  20. Artist Wanted - Token Payment
  21. Writer look to collaborate with web comic strip artist for web strip
  22. looking for artists
  23. Seeking Letterer for "A Family Affair" Project
  24. Writer Seeking Artist for Pitch
  25. Looking for 7 page story Comic Artists
  26. Submissions wanted for uk publishers sci fi/fantasy anthology
  27. Colorist Wanted. *Paid*
  28. Artist wanted for Collaboration...
  29. PAID book project writer and artists wanted
  30. Seeking artist for creator owned books
  31. Writer needed: Children Book
  32. Lettering needed for 36 page comic.
  33. Small Press Needs Colorists
  34. Wonderful Pencilers & Colorists Needed
  35. Letterer Wanted. *Paid*
  36. Looking for Artistic Collaborator!
  37. Seeking staff writers, comics journalists
  38. Writers needed for new dystopian anthology book
  39. Looking for Manga or other Artists for comic Projects
  40. Colorist Needed for Pitch
  41. Submissions wanted for published uk sci fi anthology
  42. Published Writer Seeking Artist
  43. Looking For a Comic Book Artist
  44. All-In-One Comic Artist Available for Projects!
  45. Published Comic Book Writer seeking Artist 4 Webcomic Collaboration 4 Popular Site
  46. Help Wanted
  47. Seeking Writers for Project
  48. Looking to collaborate with penciller and colourist
  49. Paid project for horror board game art!
  50. Possible Project
  51. Writer Looking for an Artist
  52. Seeking a Fantastic Penciler
  53. Help Wanted
  54. Aspiring Artists Wanted
  55. Looking for Comic Artists
  56. Penciller wanted for IF anthology submission
  57. Looking For Artist
  58. Comic Artists Wanted
  59. Never give up: Looking for a creative team to help with my comic
  60. Seeking Artists & Writers for Collaboration
  61. Writer Searching for Pencil/Inker
  62. Seeking pencils, ink, color, and letters for sci-fi comedy horror memoir
  63. Looking for Colorists/Letterers for Pitch
  64. Anthology Type Publication Seeks Submissions
  65. Writer Wanted For X-Men Parody (adult)
  66. Artist Wanted
  67. Looking For Artist For Short Story
  68. Studio looking to Commission Digital Color Artist
  69. Great pencilers, colotists, inkers, letters
  70. "Artist" seeking writer for anthology, paid upon Kickstarter funding
  71. Pencilers Needed
  72. Looking for graphic novel style artist to assist with hybrid musical project
  73. Looking for Colorist
  74. Talented Wanted with additional Skills
  75. Seekinng Artist for Collaboration on Horror Comic
  76. Looking for artist to collaborate on submissions to comic book companies
  77. Writer seeking collaborator
  78. Writers wanted
  79. Shawn Milazzo Comic Writer
  80. Horror anthology open for submissions
  81. Awesome Inkers Needed
  82. Cornerstone Creative Studios is LOOKING for YOU...
  83. Artist Wanted for Pitch(es)
  84. Pitch/story artists needed
  85. Writer looking for an artist-colaborator
  86. APELAW Seeking Artist for Video Game tie-in Webcomic
  87. Artist/s needed for Webtoon productions
  88. Cartoonist for Webcomic Wanted
  89. Artist looking for writer
  90. INKER/COLOR for 8 page Horror Comic
  91. Writer wanted.
  92. Colorist wanted
  93. colorist wanted
  94. Artist Needed For Character Designs
  95. Looking for an Editor
  96. sequential artist wanted for 10-page short
  97. Looking for colorist to finish our logo
  98. Artist/Co-Creator Wanted for Sci-fi/Survival Digital One-shot Story
  99. Letterer and colorist wanted for horror project
  100. Seeking pro illustrator for consideration on creator owned collab
  101. Artist wanted for 8 pg + cover submission. Dark Fantasy Comic
  102. Seeking Manga Style artist for B&W 4 issue mini series w/publisher attached
  103. Team looking for letterer for ongoing series
  104. Letter needed for two 8-page Horror Comics
  105. Need inker and letterer for creator owned ongoing series
  106. Looking artist for a series (PAID)
  107. Artist looking for writer for Dark Fantasy Setting
  108. Help Wanted
  109. Looking For Artists For G.I. Joe Fan Series
  110. Colorist needed for 5 page FCBD short
  111. Looking for Letterer
  112. Seeking Artist for Dark Horse Comics Submission
  113. Colorist Needed for Collaboration
  114. Pilot Studios seeks Collaborators
  115. Colorist Needed for 16 pager (PAID)
  116. Writer/Patreon Coordinator
  117. Colorist needed for artwork and future collabs
  118. Writer seeking artist for weird western collaboration
  119. Help Wanted
  120. Inker Needed
  121. Talented Artist Wanted for New Webtoon Project
  122. Writer searching for Artist Collab/Advice
  123. Inker needed for creator owned 5 issue series
  124. {Unpaid} Looking for Comic Artist
  125. Help Wanted
  126. New Writer Looking For [Also New] Artists to Collaborate on Small Project
  127. New Adult Anthology-Submissions.
  128. Artist Needed for 8 page Prelude (Non-Paying)
  129. Looking for a writer/collaborator
  130. Help Wanted
  131. Looking for artists
  132. Colorist needed for 9-page pitch
  133. Open call for anthology with "giants" theme
  134. HORROR HAIKUS #2 - Official Call for Submissions
  135. Needed: Illustrators and other to join our team...
  136. Inker/letterer looking for penciller
  137. looking for artist
  138. Help Wanted
  139. Seeking Artist for Horror Cover Art - Film Adaptation
  140. Seeking Artist for Image Submission
  141. Writer seeking artist for proposal/possible series
  142. Penciler Needed for Publisher Attached Book
  143. Collaborators for a one shot bad girl comic
  144. Writer looking for Artist for 4-Page Sci-Fi Short Story
  145. Fan Film Follies Looking For Contributors and Partners
  146. Inker/colorist for The Magicians print
  147. Help Wanted
  148. Looking for a digital background line artist
  149. Submissions open for horror anthology
  150. Logo Designer and Letterer for project under publisher's consideration
  151. Rising Sun Comics is looking for artists!
  152. Vector artist looking to collaborate/experiment
  153. Hooligan Comics is looking for creators!
  154. Looking for a writer
  155. [Unpaid] Writer looking for Artist for 4-Page Ghost City Competition Submission
  156. Looking for collaborators for an Anthology, pencilers
  157. Writer looking for Artist(s) for Kickstarter project (just wrapped a succesful KS)
  158. Sequential artist need for BW 20 page short for designer toy release
  159. Help Wanted
  160. Help Wanted (unpaid)
  161. Looking for Artists
  162. Artist wanted to collaborate [Ghost City Competition]
  163. Artist for Children's Book Illustrations & Character Design Needed
  164. Writer wanted for...
  165. Artist Needed for 16-Pager
  166. Hiring COLORIST for Horror Comedy - Fantastic Portfolio Oppurtunity
  167. Looking for colorists - WILL PAY
  168. Hooligan Alley Comics looking for Artists, colorists, and book submissions
  169. Looking for colorist
  170. Help Wanted
  171. Flatters needed for Mike Wieringo tribute project
  172. Horror anthology looking for submission
  173. Sequential artist needed for BW 14 page short for designer toy release
  174. New Artist for a Superhero Webcomic Wanted
  175. Writer Looking for Collaborations
  176. Pro writer seeks artist(s) for upcoming superhero titles
  177. Seeking professional comic illustrator for ongoing published series
  178. Writer looking for an artist/PAID
  179. Inker/letterer looking for a penciler
  180. Graphic Novel Co-Writer Needed - Superhero/ Sci-fi PAID WORK
  181. Looking for penciller
  182. Looking Artist for character Design
  183. Colorist needed for Webcomic
  184. Help Wanted
  185. Illustrator needed for 8 page story - Anthology
  186. We are now accepting ANY horror/Noir/sci-fi/mystery/suspense anthology submissions
  187. Letters needed!
  188. Seeking Artist for Image Comics Submission PAID
  189. Artist looking for submissions team
  190. In Need of a Full Color Cover for Ghost City Comics Competition Entry
  191. Wink! Adventure through the Multiverse!
  192. Colorist Needed for Pitch
  193. Artists Needed
  194. Seeking Writer For Holmes Project
  195. Group of Creators Looking for Pencilers
  196. Looking to collaborate with a writer
  197. Letterer needed for multiple projects
  198. Comic Writer looking to Collab with Artist
  200. inker and colorist for webcomic (web comics)
  201. writer looking for collaborator (Western and Sci-Fi)
  202. [WANTED] Guest Comics for Our Site
  203. Seeking Professional, Business-Minded, Talented Artists
  204. Seeking Artist(s) for Holmes project
  205. need Flater for colaboration
  206. Multiple Openings
  207. Need writer - Good dialogue - I have concept
  208. Artist Wanted for British Superhero Comic
  209. Colorists needed!
  210. 8 Page self-contained story needs colorist
  211. Artist looking for great writer willing to pay
  212. Looking for creative types
  213. Help Wanted
  214. Writer looking for illustrator
  215. Submissions Open for Christmas Horror Anthology
  216. Filmmaker/TV show creator seeks artist
  217. Cover artist
  218. Artist/ Illustrated to work on comicbook series
  219. Artist needed for The Gingerbread Man horror
  220. Seeking Artist For Horror Comic Book
  221. Writer looking for work
  222. Artist needed for short Amen Break comicbook [UNPAID]
  223. Writer looking for artist for Horror anthology
  224. Writer(s) Looking for Artist for Self Contained Horror Story
  225. Illustrator for Superhero themed mixed medium novel
  226. Looking for talented artists, writers, letterers and colorists
  227. seeking horror anthologies for Oct release
  228. Rising Sun Comics is looking for Artists!
  229. Writer Seeking Artist for Creator-Owned Project
  230. Looking for an artist for a short comic project
  231. Flatter needed for 3 pages
  232. Looking for an artist for a 10 - 12 issue series
  233. Writer in search of Artist(s)
  234. Writer Looking for Artist for Military Action/Thriller Graphic Novel
  235. REDemption Needs a New Artist
  236. Looking for Writer/Editors
  237. Help Wanted
  238. Artist Needed
  239. Looking for artists
  240. Artist Wanted - Willing to Barter for Editting/Writing/Inking/Coloring Services
  241. Looking for artist for paid board game collaboration
  242. Inker/letterer looking for long term penciler
  243. If You Like My Pitch, Let's Team Up.
  244. Art teams to introduce characters, teams, and comic projects in general
  245. Looking to hire Colorist for 5 pages
  246. Paid "Savage Sword of Conan" style artist needed.
  247. Help Wanted
  248. Busy Small Publisher Seeks Colorists
  249. Anthology to benefit Puerto Rico looking for contributors
  250. [PAID] Comic Artist wanted for Sci-Fi Slice of Life Anthology short story