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  1. Letterer Needed *Paid*
  2. Writer seeking artist for webcomic
  3. Artists for Anthology *PAID*
  4. *Paid* Looking for artist for pencils/inks on new comic book
  5. Seeking Artist for Slice of Life Web Comic
  7. [PAID] Writer Seeking Artist for 22 Page Comic
  8. We All Climb
  9. colorist needed.
  10. Anthology artist needed-paid
  11. Seeking Colorist For Digital Comic Series
  12. [Paid] Writer Seeking Artist to Illustrate Online Graphic Novel
  13. Letterer needed
  14. Seeking Letterer
  15. [Artist Needed] Comixology
  16. Editors Needed, future writing opportunities
  17. Fantastic Penciler needed
  18. Fantastic Colorists Needed
  19. RSC has a inker spot open
  20. Happy to train new homoerotic comics artists in exchange for art for a mini-comic
  21. Colorist and Letterer Needed
  22. inter needed
  23. Help wanted
  24. Seeking colorist for finished comic
  25. Writer Seeking Artist for Pitches
  26. Writer / Digital Designer seeks illustrator.
  27. Seeking Penciler
  28. Another of those 'writer seeking artist' threads...
  29. Political Pizza cartoon seeks artist(s)
  30. Writer needed.
  31. I need a best comic penciler!
  32. seeking artist for collaboration
  33. writer needs an artist for aces weekly project
  34. Writer Seeking Artist / Best Friend
  35. Colorist wanted, 8 pages, Pro Wrestling Comic Anthology
  36. Wonderful Pencilers Needed
  37. Horror Comic Pitch looking for Inker!
  38. Artist Wanted for Anthology Submission
  40. starwars fan film awars 2016
  41. Published Writer Seeks Artist For Crime/Action Comic Pitch
  42. Make some comics!!
  43. Artisted wanted
  44. writer looking for artist on psychological thriller/horror comic book project
  45. Writer Looking for Pencils/Inks
  46. My Nine-Pager needs some Art
  47. Artist collaborator for IF Anthology submission?
  48. Looking to collabortate with an Artist on a creator owned conspiracy/mystery comic
  49. Looking for an artist to IF ANTHOLOGY
  50. Additional Collaborators To Join Team for Huge New World Of Characters
  51. Upyri seeking artist for collaboration
  52. Seeking colorist for 6-page short
  53. Graphic designer wanted
  54. Looking for an artist to collaborate on a fun, action oriented Zombie Apocalypse GN.
  55. Artist / Partner Wanted
  56. artist needed for scott pilgrim art style comic
  57. $PAID$ Looking for colorist for upcoming horror/comedy comic book!
  58. Script grammars polisher
  59. Looking for a great project?
  60. Letterist and Colorist Needed.
  61. Fantasy Comic Seeking Five Pin-Ups Contest
  62. *PAID* Writer seeking Artist Collaboration for IF Anthology
  63. Artists Wanted
  64. In search of artist for Super Hero comic Collaboration
  65. Good letterer needed
  66. My Artist has gone AWOL, can YOU help?
  67. Need two manga/comic artist
  68. *paid* Artist needed for tattoo design
  69. Looking for Artists for Two Four Page Shorts
  70. PAID - Colorist needed for 22 page comic
  71. Editors Needed- Christian Books, Nigeria Based Books
  72. Paid Artist wanted for 9 page short
  73. Comic Book Podcast needs Co-Host
  74. Kickstarter assist
  75. ARTIST(s) FOR SCI/WESTERN (collaboration)
  76. Open call for submissions
  77. Page Formatter Needed. *Paid*
  78. Penciller NEEDED: Webcomic- WULF
  79. Artist needed for Webcomic
  80. 3 artists for 6 pg anthology shorts Pencil/Ink *Paid*
  81. HELP Looking for penciller
  82. Seeking underground/alternative cartoonists
  83. Published Writer Seeks Artist
  84. Writer Seeks Artist For 4-Issue Horror/Sci-Fi Miniseries (PUBLISHER ATTACHED) *PAID*
  85. 1 page, 3 panels, non-paid, sorry
  86. Fantasy Comic Seeking Letterer
  87. Looking for Inker
  88. seeking a colorist
  89. looking for someone good with tones
  90. Seeking Visionary Penciler for Ongoing Superhero Series
  91. Wonderful Pencilers needed
  92. wonderful Inkers Needed
  93. Looking for an inker / finisher
  94. Inker needed for a superhero webcomic
  95. About Time Comics is taking submissions
  96. Help Wanted
  97. Seeking a Colorist for a 2 page comic
  98. Cover Artist Needed
  99. Open call for anthology with new pulp theme
  100. BLACK SHIP BOOKS in search of staff writers
  101. Help Wanted
  102. 2 Letterers Needed
  103. I need an artist for a short 4 page comic book [unpaid]
  104. $PAID - Looking for Archie-style artist for 2-page story
  105. Anyone interested in co creating?
  106. Looking for artist for ongoing webcomic series. *PAID*
  107. Looking for colorist for assignment
  108. Seeking Artist for IF Anthology
  109. Artist looking for writer/s
  110. Looking for letterer
  111. Illustrations for a new Card Game
  112. Penciler Wanted for Adventure/Horror Pitch
  113. Writer wanted for adult comics starring Jesus
  114. *PAID* Seeking Artist for Maxi-Series Pitch
  115. Artist need for zombie comic
  116. Artists and writers wanted for upcoming published horror anthology
  117. we need a Best colorist for our Upcoming projects.
  118. Help Wanted
  119. Seasoned Scripter looking for inker (or colorist) for continuing webcomic Alan Smoke
  120. [Eventually Paid] Looking for help in making cartoon strips
  121. Seeking comic writers/creators from UK
  122. New Artist for a Superhero Webcomic Wanted
  123. Inkers - PAid jobs
  124. Looking for an inker
  125. Seeking letterer
  126. Looking for a writer
  127. Flatter needed - PAID
  128. Looking for colorist [paid]
  129. looking for artist for collab/IP-split + pay
  130. Paid - Penciller needed for Pitch
  131. Help Wanted
  132. Seeking Artist Co-Creator for Action-Comedy Set in a Fantasy World
  134. Help Wanted for Christian Comics
  135. Editor Needed for Science Fiction Projects
  136. seeking a person with India and Hinduism knowledge for comic
  137. Seeking Artist for Short Story For New Pulp Anthology
  138. French writer seeks artist for webcomics project
  139. cartoonist needs writer for new project
  140. Black Hitler saves Hanukkah
  141. Mr Sticky 005 Comics is looking for Business Partners
  142. Artist needed for Crime Fighter pitch/project--Back End Pay
  143. Wizard City: Looking for artist to Co-Create Graphic Novel
  144. Illustrator Needed for pitch package
  145. Artist needed for "Lowlife" comic series.
  146. Horror Series Seeking Artist
  147. Comic Artist/Writer Reviews
  148. Needed Great Pencilers
  149. Needed Great Colorists
  150. Artist needed for Halfworld: The New Pioneers
  151. Looking for Artist for Short Story Anthology
  152. Writer looking for artist for noir short story
  153. Colorist wanted - COLLABORATION
  154. Looking for Artist for Collaboration for a Horror One-shot
  155. Help Wanted
  156. Artist Wanted for Collaboration
  157. Visionary Artist(s) Needed for Visionary Superhero Comic
  158. artists, inkers, colorists and letterers needed for publication of ready scripts!
  159. Seeking artist/collaborator for Big League
  160. Looking for colorist
  161. Artist needed for Publisher's Pitch
  162. Looking for experienced KickStarter and publisher to co-lead anthology
  163. Pencils Needed For Comic Project
  164. Artist needed for Kickstarter project
  165. Need inker/greyscaler
  166. Help wanted
  167. Writers who will double in other positions
  168. Artist available for projects!
  169. Awesome Editor Needed
  170. Seeking fellow collaborators! All Welcome!
  171. Looking for Arts for 8-page Horror/sci-fi Comic (already accepted for anthology)
  172. Writer Seeking Artist To Collaborate on Web Comic
  173. Flare for comedy needed
  174. Artist needed for short comic - PAID
  175. Need Artist, Inker, Colorist, Letterer for Collaborative Effort
  176. Illustrator need to collaborate on Fantasy/Thriller
  177. Looking for Artist for Pitch Proposal
  178. Anthology Type Publication Seeks Submissions
  179. (Artist needed) My Soul...
  180. Colorist NEEDED - PAID
  181. Writer Seeking Artist to Collaborate With
  182. Looking 4 Letterer for A Family Affair
  183. Looking colorist for cover
  184. Editor/Writers Needed
  185. Looking for artist!
  186. Looking For Colorist
  187. cartoony artist looking to make a graphic novel need writer
  188. Help wanted
  189. Layout artist needed
  190. Colorist Needed for Army T-Shirt Design.
  191. Inker/letterer looking for a penciller
  192. Colorist Needed for Comic Art
  193. Submissions wanted for horror and sci fi anthologies
  194. Looking for an artist
  195. Pencilers/Colorists/Cover Artists Needed
  196. Hoping to find an artist for 2 page story-poem comic.
  197. Looking for artist to partner up with pro writer
  198. Artist needed for Amazon Coloring Book
  199. Letterer Needed (deferred pay)
  200. Published Writer looking for Artist for B&W Short Story
  201. Writer Looking For Artist For Graphic Novel
  202. Writer looking to hire an artist for short, realistic story.
  203. Professional Team seeking COLORIST.
  204. Published Writer Seeking Artist
  205. Looking for colorist [paid]
  206. Open submissions the chronicles of terror horror anthology
  207. New Comics World Being Developed - No Pay, 50/50 Ownership
  208. Trying again
  209. Comic book layout artist needed
  210. Seeking Artists For New Project Pitches
  211. Graphic Novel Writer Seeking Artist
  212. Flatter/colorist needed for secret project
  213. Looking for Artists for Short Stories
  214. Seeking Submissions For New Creator-Owned Comic Book Titles
  215. Team Players Needed
  216. New Artist for a Superhero Webcomic Wanted ( Trial # 3 )
  217. [PAID] Colorist needed for comic.
  218. Need colorist - backend pay
  219. Artist wanted for Graphic Medicine Collaboration
  220. Seeking colorist for ongoing series
  221. Looking for an artist!
  222. Submissions wanted for published sci fi/fantasy anthologies
  223. Looking for help
  224. Writer Seeking Artist for Webcomic[PAID]
  225. Seeking colorist
  226. Writer seeking artist for continuing webcomic
  227. Seeking Letterer for 3-pg comics
  228. Seeking an Editor
  229. Artist needed for 7 page horror short
  230. Letterer wanted for an 8 page submission
  231. Writer Seeking Artist(s) for Collaboration
  232. Looking for an artist with style for a 5 page comic submission and eventual collab!
  233. Writer looking for Artistic Collaborator for Papercutz Pitch
  234. Help Wanted
  235. Published Writer looking for Sci-Fi artist for pitch
  236. Submissions Are Open!!
  237. Need letterer for logo and 5 pager for Image - PAID GIG
  238. Looking for Artist for Martial Arts/Action 3-issue Comic.
  239. Seeking another writer to collborate on a comic book project of mine
  240. Uk publisher horror anthology submissions
  241. In need of a Team player.
  242. Rising Sun Comics - Looking For Colorists
  243. Collaboration "The Vampire of the Lost Highway"
  244. Looking Partner for Zombie Project
  245. Help Wanted
  246. Inkers and Colorists for Design´s
  247. We need a best artist per page $ 35 to $ 40!
  248. Looking for Webcomic Artists
  249. Hacking Human seeking Colorist
  250. Writers needed for new post apocalyptic book series and anthology