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  1. Seeking ARTIST for Ninja Comedy Webcomic
  2. artist needed for one-pager comics for publisher
  3. Twenty2Six Books Looking For Artists and Collaborators
  4. New Mini Series Title - Need a primary artist
  5. MEGABOOK M4 Taking Submissions NOW!
  6. writer wanted
  7. Artists and Colourist wanted PAID
  8. Letterer Needed
  9. In Need of a FANTASTIC penciler
  10. Multiple Projects seeking teams for submissions.
  11. Cornerstone Creative Studios is looking to add new talent...
  12. Help wanted
  13. Artist search writer for colaboration
  14. Seeking Sci-fi/Fantasy Concept Artist
  15. Writer seeking co-creator/artist for the MOST FANTASTIC WEBCOMIC EVER
  16. Champion Comics needs pencilers + inkers.
  17. Writer Seeks Experienced Web Comic Artist
  18. Seeking Colorists for Short Story Anthology - Kickstarter
  19. looking for another writer
  20. Artist seeking collaboration
  21. Artists for Anthology raising money to fight cancer
  22. Seeking artist for Collaboration
  23. Seeking Colorist $$$ IMMEDIATELY
  24. Published Comic/Novella Writer Looking for Artists for Webcomic Series
  25. Creating a New Universe of Very Modern Characters/Artist will co-own 50/50
  26. Letterer Wanted For Possible Oni Press Book
  27. Writer seeking partnership
  28. Need an Artist for Youth Comic
  29. writer looking to collab
  30. Artist needed for scifi adventure comic
  31. $$$$$ paid job ongoing work $$$$$$$
  32. Comic book artists needed!
  33. Commission Ink Work $$$$$$$$$$$
  34. need creative team
  35. Seeking artistic collaborators
  36. Critically Acclaimed Comic Looking For Inker/Colourist For Final Issue!
  37. Help wanted
  38. Building a portfolio
  39. Small Publisher needs Penciler
  40. Commissioning Two Cover Versions for eBook (Paid Work)
  41. Colorist for Ongoing Project
  42. Writer seeking Artist for fantasy comic!
  43. Inker Needed $
  44. Open call for horror-themed comics anthology
  45. Cult Following Comics looking for Editor/Developer
  46. Help Wanted
  47. Artist looking for writer
  48. artist in badly need of a flatter - sadly unpaid
  49. seeking an inker
  50. seeking a letterist
  51. seeking a colorist
  52. COLORIST Needed
  53. seeking a pencil artist
  54. Looking for Letterer and a Logo Design. PAID!
  55. Help Wanted
  56. Colorist/letterer needed
  57. COLLAB: Writer seeking Artist(s) for multiple stories.
  58. Seasoned scripter looking for team members for shot comics
  59. Looking for Artist for Submission/Kickstarter
  60. Writer Looking for Artist & Colorist on Anthology Submission
  61. Instruments of Darkness looking for letterer
  62. Writer Seeks Artist Collaborator for Anthology Pitch
  63. Collaborating Artist Needed
  64. New Anthology Type Publication Seeks Submissions
  65. Are there any inkers out there?
  66. Any Jack Vance fans willing to take part in a project?
  67. Writer looking for cartoonist for online feature
  68. Looking for One Web Comic to Feature
  69. Help Wanted
  70. Fabulous penciler needed
  71. Cartoonist WANTED for action-packed Bob's Burgers style comic
  72. Published Cartoonist Seeking Unknown Cartoonist For Short Story
  73. Writer seeking an artist for a short story
  74. Science Adventure Press seeking collaborators OF ANY SKILL LEVEL
  75. Artist needed for a pitch, UNPAID
  76. Looking for artist. webcomic
  77. Seeking artist for 24-pg action/science adventure (collab)
  78. Looking for a writer for a children's comic
  79. Published author looking for color
  80. Looking for someone to start up a comic book campany
  81. Artist with style needed for pitch, unpaid, shared credits
  82. Seeking Colorists for Short Story Anthology - Kickstarter
  83. Letterer Wanted *Paid*
  84. Artists needed for Action Anthology
  85. Looking for artist to work on a six page comic UNPAID
  86. Writer Seeking Artists For Short Comics Collab
  87. Fantasy Comic needs a writer
  88. Help wanted
  89. Artist(s) needed
  90. [paid] writer seeking artist for 8 page comic
  91. Seeking Art Team for Golden-Age Themed Political Satire
  92. Awesomee pencilers needed
  93. Seeking writers/artists with other expertise
  94. Artist for crime fiction series
  95. Up and coming artist needed with potential pay
  96. One page, just for fun comic
  97. Artist/Inker for Collaboration
  98. Seeking help for logo.
  99. Let's Collaborate!
  100. Art team looking for a colorist
  101. Artist wanted for one-shot comic (sci-fi parody)
  102. AWESOME Colorist needed
  103. Artist/Author looking to Collaborate
  104. Need artist...not your ordinary comic collab
  105. Published Writer Seeking Editing Gigs
  106. Artist looking for partner writer
  107. Partner(s) wanted for publishing collaboration:
  108. Writer looking for artist for action /adventure /drama
  109. Top Cow Talent Hunt Pencils Collaborator
  110. Black Ship Books seeks website writers
  111. Comic Team Seeking Inker/Colorist
  112. cover artist needed
  113. Collaboration:Comic Team looking for artist.
  114. Team looking for inker
  115. Writer looking for artists on collab
  116. Looking for Artist for Short Comic
  117. Need Artist for 5 Page Pitch (Shadowline/Image Comics)
  118. Fabulous Inkers Needed
  119. Looking fora colorist and flatter
  120. Artistic Collaborator Wanted For Crime/Thriller Miniseries
  121. Writer Seeking Artist
  122. Artist Needed For 4-Page Sci-Fi/Horror 2000AD Submission
  123. Artist wanted for 1-2 panel stories
  124. Team Looking for Letterer
  125. Letterer
  126. Looking for an artist who can draw robots and giant monsters rather well
  127. Looking for realistic artist for historical comic
  128. Artists needed for Outré #6 (The Horror issue)
  129. El Toxico issue 2 needs a colorist!
  130. Oni Press Submission Artist Needed
  131. Up-and-coming designer seeking logo
  132. artist wanted for collaboration
  133. Attention, Artists! Seeking Illustrator for “Tuwani: The Graphic Novel”
  134. Writer/Editors Needed
  135. AMAZING Inker needed
  136. AMAZING editors needed
  137. AMAZING Color Artists needed
  138. Anthology seeking submissions
  139. Instruments of Darkness looking for artist.
  140. Help wanted
  141. Paid good colorist needed
  142. Seeking Digital Watercolourist
  143. Collaboration on a web comic-[Unpaid]
  144. Inker / letterer / colorist in search of a penciller
  145. Colorist(s) sought for reprint project.
  146. Colorist needed for new anthology series
  147. Western Comic Artist Needed
  148. [Rev-share]Looking for Comic Artist
  149. Kickstarter Project [Artist Needed]
  150. Putting the band back together - or some such thing
  151. Looking for an Artist (Paid)
  152. Seeking artist for YA graphic novel with dragons
  153. Writers/Editors/Marketers
  154. Colorist needed for fantasy comic
  155. COVER ARTIST Wanted for Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman
  156. Looking for Fantasy Artists
  157. Colorist Needed For Fantasy Book
  158. Comic needs a colorist - PAID, ONGOING
  159. Writer wanted...
  160. Artist Wanted for 5 Page Short Story
  161. Looking for a writer or artist who will begin as editor of Christian Projects
  162. Writer/Letterer/Artist who will start as editor for Nigerian Based Comics
  163. Looking for additional artists PAID
  164. Instruments of Darkness looking for artist.
  165. Looking for an artist for a short 5 page web-comic
  166. Looking for an artist to work on an 8 page sci fi western
  167. submission window for holiday-themed anthology
  168. Artist Wanted
  169. Writer Seeking Artists for Variety of Pitches
  170. The Sunday Comics ACCEPTING Submissions + Collaborated WANTED!
  171. Colorist Needed
  172. Looking for Comic Book Artists
  173. [paid] writer seeking artist for 8 page comic
  174. Artist wanted
  175. art team looking for writing partner
  176. Looking for writers who will start in other positions
  177. Artists wanted for short stories (Paid)
  178. Writers wanted for to script some pages of artwork
  179. Seeking Comic Book Penciller/Inker (PAID)
  180. Inker/Colorist needed to complete a logo (paid)
  181. Artists needed for pitch (back end)
  182. Looking for an artist looking for a writer
  183. COLORIST needed (paid)
  184. Published artist looking for writer.
  185. Colorist needed for side project
  186. Webcomics/Comic Strip Submissions
  187. Looking for Comic Strips/Web Comics!
  188. Writer seeking webcomic artist
  189. Indie Publishing Group looking for artists to work on a crowdfunded 4-issue series
  190. [PAID] Inker/colorist, submissions for comic trading cards
  191. Help Wanted
  192. [Paid] Caricature needed
  193. Artist looking for writer
  194. Writer seeking Artist for New Series
  195. Artist Wanted: Alternate History Series
  196. Good Ideas seeking Artist for Western!
  197. Author of Critically Acclaimed Comic Looking For Artist For New Project!
  198. Pro writer looking artist for series with publisher
  199. Looking for writers willing to start in other positions
  200. [PAID] Writer Seeking Colorist
  201. Anthology that pays
  202. Collaborators Wanted
  203. Writer seeking artists
  204. Artist Wanted for Alice in wonderland Noir Comic
  205. Writer looking for Artist for ongoing collaboration
  206. Need character art for nonprofit trading card project!
  208. Colorist/Letterer/Inker Search
  209. Pitch package paid work
  210. Adamant needs you!
  211. Published Writer Looking for Artists for Collab
  212. Artist seeks Graphic Novel Script
  213. looking for a published and talented writer for short stories
  214. 40 Below Studio Needs ARTISTS
  215. My 3-page comics need you!
  216. Looking for amazing colorist!!!!
  217. Writer looking for Artist for TWO pitches.
  218. Writer seeking artist for cyberpunk action comic
  219. Writer Seeks Artist For 8 Page Pro-Wrestling Based Comic Short
  220. Writer seeking artist for 5 page story
  221. Madcap Overkill: Seeking Colorist
  222. Author of Critically Acclaimed Comic Looking For Artist For New Project!
  223. [PAID] Writer Seeking Artist for 8 Page Web Comic!
  224. Video Editor/Animator Looking To Collaborate
  225. [PAID] Colorist Needed for Horror Series
  226. Writer Seeks Artist For 4-Issue Horror/Sci-Fi Miniseries (PUBLISHER ATTACHED)
  227. Experimental Comic Anthology Seeking Submissions
  228. Artist needed for 5 page FCBD comic
  229. Creative Team looking for some writers
  230. Artists Wanted. *Paid*
  231. Writers seeking artist for irreverent, "historical" comic.
  232. Looking for a Manga/Anime Artist for Web-Comic!
  233. Awesome Pencilers Needed
  234. we need a good Writer. non upfront paying projects
  235. Looking for art team
  236. Beezzz Studio need a great writer (this is Not Paying Job)
  237. Pilot Studios Recruiting
  238. Colorist needed for 4-page anthology story
  239. Seeking Awesome Inkers, Colorists, Letterers
  240. Look for an Artist for Collaborations
  241. Hiring Inker
  242. *paid* independent writer/artist seeking pencils for collaboration
  243. Artist needed for submiting to publisher
  244. Looking For Penciler PAID
  245. Colorist needed
  246. Writer seeking for collaboration for Horror Comic
  247. Flatter needed.
  248. 6 page anthology story
  249. Author looking for Artist for 3-4 page Anthology collaboration! (Science themed)
  250. Artist wanted for Alterna Comics' IF Anthology story