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  1. LOOKING FOR WRITER: for Frog Prince
  2. Various Comic Positions-Creative Staff and Business Positions
  3. Artist Needed - 3 Page Image Pitch - PAID
  4. Open call for Anthology
  5. Looking for penciller to join comic team
  6. Artist wanted for dystopian sci-fi tale.
  7. Cover Artist
  8. Looking for female artist
  9. Seeking Artist for Image Pitch - Backend Pay
  10. Writer Looking for Cover Artists
  11. Help Wanted
  12. Writer Wanted
  13. Colorist needed for ongoing webcomic
  14. Writer looking for comic book artist
  15. Looking for GREAT artistic storytellers (no pay but 50% ownership)
  16. Artist Needed for an Existential Supernatural Comic
  17. Writer/Editor wanted
  18. Writer seeking Artist for Graphic Novel project!!
  19. Seeking Penciller for Motion Comic Book IMDb
  20. Anthology Submissions Wanted
  21. Looking for two passionate editors
  22. Need Solid Inker
  23. Artist wanted
  24. Seeking an In-House Letterist
  25. Colorist needed for UWS Comics
  26. Lettee needed
  27. Writer Wanted For Sci-FI Project
  28. Talent Cartoonist Needed to draw Cartoon to submit to College Humor Dorkly
  29. Writers, Pencilers, Inkers, Colorists
  30. Looking for an artist to help with noirish comic
  31. Seeking Artist for Oz Inspired Webcomic
  32. Financial Director and Writer/Artist
  33. Looking for Artist for Webcomic
  34. [ARTIST NEEDED] Rob Liefeld Needed For Spaceballs and the Holy Grail
  35. Artists / Illustrators Wanted for Multiple Projects
  36. Comic Artist Wanted $10 per page
  37. illustrators wanted for 1 page short story (paid)
  38. Artist and Collaborator Wanted
  39. Looking for Artists to develop Cyberpunk-ish graphic novel.
  40. Looking for artist
  41. Character Designs needed for story based on Buddhism
  42. Looking for an artist
  43. Writer Looking for Artists for several books(pay on the back-end/Kickstarter)
  44. Penciler/Inker Needed
  45. Inker needed to finish zombie book/continue series
  46. Colorist Needed for Breakneck from 215 Ink
  47. Not another writer!
  48. ARTIST WANTED for 11-page Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman story for mini-series
  49. Artist (Penciler, Inker or Penciler/Inker)Needed for Pitch
  50. Writer seeking collaboration
  51. Letterer wanted
  52. Looking for a writer to collaborate with
  53. Need penciler/chr, set designer for my team
  54. Colorist needed
  55. Help wanted
  56. Publisher needs colorists!
  57. Serious Artist needed for Collaboration
  58. 8 single character color illustrations. $$$
  59. Looking for a long term comic book artist
  60. Writer/Penciler seeking Inker
  61. Looking for artist for a Sci-Fi Comedy mini series
  62. Penciller Seeking Collaboration
  63. Looking for Artist/Inker
  64. Writer Seeking Artist (Short Story Anthology)
  65. Transformers Comic Project seeking Artists
  66. Artist needed for collaboration
  67. Writer looking for Mangaka.
  68. San Francisco/Bay Area
  69. 7 Deadly Sins Post Apocalyptic Story
  70. Writers needed (PAID)
  71. Writer seeking a collaboration
  72. Iím looking for a Collaborator. ( That's code for no money upfront.)
  73. Looking for artist. 6 page script. Guaranteed published. No pay involved for anyone.
  74. Pencilers Needed
  75. Inkers Needed
  76. Looking for collaborator for #RIND anthology
  77. Former Ninja Turtles Writer Seeking Artists
  78. Need artist for proposal with interested publisher
  79. Writer seeking collaborator for future projects
  80. New Project!
  81. Published Writer Seeks Artist
  82. Looking to Partner With Colorist
  83. Looking for Madefire motion comic build
  84. PAID WORK: Looking for Penciller/Inker for All Ages Comic Book
  85. Looking for an artist to help with "Scalped" type comic
  86. Illustrator Wanted for Children's Novel Cover and Chapters
  87. seeking letterer for webcomic
  88. writer seeks artist
  89. Pin Up colorist needed (paid)
  90. Modern Noir Book Peciler / Inker needed
  91. Black Ship Books seeks writers for website
  92. Looking for colorist for eight page comic
  93. Devils Brood Comics is seeking other Indie Comics
  94. Pencilers
  95. Colorist(s) wanted for Kickstarter project
  96. Digital Inker Wanted
  97. Author of Critically Acclaimed Comic Looking For Artist For New Project!
  98. Writers needed for collaboration of a graphic novel web series
  99. artist needed cartoon webcomic collaboration
  100. New artist required for ghostly victorian adventure series
  101. Artist needed for Comic series. Rev share.
  102. Established Webcomic Looking for New Artist!
  103. Published Comic Book Artist Looking For An Artist For Anthology
  104. I need your pencils and inks
  105. Looking for an inker
  106. Illustration Help Wanted
  107. Writer seeks artists for collaboration
  108. Writers and artists! Submissions open for Torsobear Vol 2 of 'toy-noir' anthology
  109. Looking for Artist for Joint Submission
  110. Paid Position - Professional Artist Wanted
  111. Sequential Artist wanted for Fantasy/Adventure Comic
  112. Need colorist - PAID
  113. Looking for Artist/team for high fantasy comic Bunny Storm.
  114. Instruments of Darkness: Arcane Libraries looking for artists.
  115. Looking to collaborate with an artist
  116. Illustrator wanted for graphic novel collaboration
  117. Colaborators wanted for comic anthology - ZONA
  118. Diamond Dist. Indie publisher seeks horror artist!
  119. Seeking Artists for New Project
  120. Looking for letters
  121. Looking for writer and possibly an artist
  122. Looking for an artist for a one page story
  123. Looking For HORROR/ACTION Artist (PAID)
  124. Artist for short comic
  125. Metal Anthology looking art
  126. Writer Needs an Artist for Mini-Series
  127. Penciler Needed
  128. Searching For Artist Capable of Daily Strip
  129. Writer seeking artist for project
  130. Looking for Artist for Short Script
  131. Serial Novel: Writers Needed
  132. Screenwriter looking for an artist for a webcomic
  133. artist seeking writer
  134. Writer Looking for Artist
  135. Looking for a colorist
  136. Writer Seeking Artist For Web Comic Collabo
  137. Celebration of Life: A cancer Anthology
  138. Anthology looking for pinups!
  139. Artist looking for colorist and letterer
  140. AWESOME Pencilers Needed
  141. Looking for Writer (One 22 page issue of ongoing series)
  142. Looking for artist to work on short stories for comics anthologies
  143. Like to draw the Universal Monsters?
  144. Writer and artist looking for letterer (and perhaps inker and colorist)
  145. Artists wanted
  146. Looking For Co-Writer on Web Comic
  147. Seeking an artist for Byron Craft. Scripts, concepts, and a letter on board. (Paid)
  148. Colorist for stunning comic needed!
  149. Inker and colorist wanted
  150. Artist looking for writer - Potential Paid
  151. Great Artists Needed for Comic Books
  152. Looking for a co-writer. Paid.
  153. [PAID] Writer Looking For Artist
  154. Aspiring Writer Seeking Artist for Pitch
  155. Writer Seeking Artist for Indie Graphic Novel (PAID)
  156. Poster/Promotion Art for 12 Characters
  157. Writer seeking artist/letterer for 8 page short story
  158. Cornerstone Creative Studios is on the hunt for talent!
  159. Looking for writers for Steampunk/Horror anthology
  160. Self-Published Writer Seeking Artist Collaborator For Image Submission
  161. Pin-ups for Comic Anthology raising money or cancer charities
  162. LOOKING FOR ARTIST/Illustrator.
  163. Artist needed for a Historical Warrior project.
  164. Artist looking for writer for colaboration Not paid
  165. Colorist for Beautiful Comic Needed
  166. Writer looking for Artist (full) (Horror/Action)
  167. Colorist needed for merch and upcoming comic book company
  168. Artist wanted for Magician Superhero story.
  169. Former Ninja Turtles Writer Seeking Artists
  170. Need colorist for character pencil sketches - PAID, will be published
  171. Artist needed for Graphic Novel Series
  172. Colorist Wanted for Webcomic and Submission
  173. Writers need experienced Artists
  174. Artist looking for writer
  175. Author with interested publisher looking for team
  176. Writer looking for an artist.
  177. Rookie Writer seeks Artist for Collaboration
  178. Writer/Collaborator Needed For Sci-Fi Story
  179. Artist Wanted for Pencil & Inks - PAID
  180. artist published searching a good writer for comic on wattpad!!!
  181. Colorist wanted for Kickstarter project
  182. IDW Published writer seeking new artist for 2nd arc in series.
  183. Help Wanted
  184. Novel Sketches
  185. Artist needed for Charity 10-pager
  186. Artist wanted for 30 page horror collaboration
  187. Seeking an artist for an unusual one-shot.
  188. The TOI Soldier PRoject in need of Artist in Los Angeles area
  189. Published Comic Writer Looking for Artists
  190. Artist wanted for Kickstarter project
  191. AWESOME Pencilers Needed
  192. FANTASTIC Colorists Needed
  193. Artist needed for gritty super hero comic
  194. ARTIST needed for dark superhero comic
  195. Co-Creator needed/Artist wanted
  196. Illustrator for Children's Book(s)
  197. [Rev-share] Indie game developer looking for Comic Artists!
  198. artist/illustrator needed for 12 page '50s period piece sequential comic
  199. Published & Produced Comic/Screenwriter Seeking Artist for New Comic/TV Project
  200. Need Artist for a fantasy comic
  201. Rocking letterers Needed
  202. Looking to collaborate with an artist
  203. Gaming Studio Looking For Artists
  204. Artists Wanted. *Paid*
  205. Writer or Artist needed who will double as web developer
  206. Letterer wanted for B&W Sci-Fi Comic (PAID)
  207. Writer looking for Artist to Collaborate with on Horror Comic
  208. Looking for a proofreader
  209. Geekality's Looking For Writers!
  210. Torsobear Volume 2 seeks artist for short story. Paid via Kickstarter campaign!
  211. New Writer Looking for Penciler/Inker for Crime short series Issue#1
  212. Help Wanted
  213. Successful author seeking artist for visual novel with solid earning potential
  214. Letterer required for 24 page epic sci-fi comic
  215. Writer looking for more writers for an anthology
  216. Oni Press Submissions
  217. Oni Press possibility
  218. Writer wanted...
  219. Artist wanted for a 22-page noir one-shot
  220. Comic Pages needed
  221. Looking for an artist to the 6 page story to the comic magazine
  222. Team Looking for Ink Wash Shader
  223. Looking for an Artist(s) to collaborate with
  224. Artist for short children's comic
  225. Team looking for steampunk artist (Paid)
  226. Manga artist wanted
  227. Writer Looking for Chiaroscuro Artist
  228. We are in search for GREATEST Penciler ever
  229. Writer seeking collab. artist for action/comedy series [PAID]
  230. Writer Looking for artist
  231. [PAID] Looking for Letterer for Comic Pitch
  232. Looking for a writer
  233. Artist wanted mature hero series and political piece
  234. Pin-Up Colorist
  235. Seeking artist/co-creator for web comic and Kickstarter
  236. Artist needed for scifi adventure comic
  237. Ready artist needs a ready colorist.
  238. Colorist and Letterer needed for 3 pages.
  239. Colorist(s) Needed [PAID]
  240. Looking for Inker for 20 page Crime Series
  241. Looking for Artist/Collaborator on Comic Noir miniseries
  242. High Profile Domain owner/Writer looking for an artist to develop Rideshare Comic.
  243. Supernatural Noir team in need of Letterer
  244. Seeking artist for next volume of my comic
  245. Seeking Writer for Web Comic Idea
  246. Penciler seeking collaboration
  247. Colorist needed for ongoing comic series
  248. Writer in need of artist/unpaid
  249. Project Gear Up -- more artists needed: 50/50 ownership (no pay)
  250. looking for a letterist