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  1. Writer looking for artist- Steampunk Anthology
  2. Colorist required
  3. Experience artist wanted for adult themed(not xxx) Zombie comic project (PAID)
  4. Help Wanted
  5. Looking for character designs, model sheet/rotation
  6. Writer needs Artist for black and white Samurai comic
  7. Published Writer seeking artist for 3 part miniseries
  8. Writer looking for artist :)
  9. Colourist wanted.
  10. Seeking color artist for wage
  11. Artist/co-creator wanted for sci-fi/survival short
  12. Writer looking for Creative Team for Image/Dark Horse/Yen Press Submission!
  13. Creative Team Seeking Inker
  14. Looking for Artist for Crime mini series!!
  15. Artist Collab for 'Third Gender' comic submission
  16. Artist needed for Horror/Crime series.
  17. Artist Collaborator Needed - Action Series
  18. More Color and BW pages Needed For Webcomic
  19. Comic Book Letterrer Needed(PAID)
  20. Looking for Historical Fiction Prose writer
  21. Writer looking for Artist for free web comic
  22. Publisher looking for submissions or creative teams
  23. Help Wanted
  24. Paid job!
  25. Letterer Needed
  26. Artist Wanted for horror comedy mini-series
  27. COLORISTS WANTED for Geek-Girl mini-series
  28. Looking for a writer
  29. Paid Coloring job
  30. Peter Gallant 2 page story needs an art team. Paid with printed copies of the comic.
  31. Peter Gallant Comics Needs Inkers! A three page & four page story are ready. Paid wit
  32. Looking for Columnists, Reviewers and More!
  33. ARTIST, COVER ARTISTS, and COLORISTS WANTED for Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman
  34. Seeking Artist for a Sci-fi/Western
  35. Artist Wanted For Indie Superhero Comic
  36. Executive Team Seeks Artist (Pencils / Inks) - Pay Negotiable
  37. Anyone interested in a 8 page Gangster Noir short?
  38. Independnet Small Press Looking For Editor
  39. Artists, Do You Want To Help AUSSIE Firefighters?
  40. Artist needed for a webcomic about an old Dr. Strange [Paid or 50/50 ownership]
  41. Looking for Artist for Unpaid 3 Page Project
  42. Looking For Colorist
  43. Help Wanted
  44. Colorists needed
  45. Pencilers Needed
  46. Artist needed for web series[paid]
  47. Artist wanted.
  48. Actors Wanted!!!!
  49. Wanted: Artist for collaboration- also paid
  50. (Writer Wanted) Looking anthologies indie or sci-fi.
  51. Seeking artist for an anthology piece.
  52. Colorist wanted.
  53. ARTIST WANTED for longterm comic series
  54. Colorist needed for WendigoComics new title "INFERNO"
  55. Offbeat, Original Artist Needed for Publisher Approved Series
  56. Artist need for a 6-8 page anthology project
  57. Writer looking for Artists
  58. Serious Comic Writer Looking For Serious Artists
  59. Looking for artist to do 24 page comic book
  60. Help Wanted
  61. Comdian looking to do a Betty White comic
  62. Looking For Artist to "Collab"
  63. Re: Translator from Spanish to English
  64. seeking artist (female) for 8-page story
  65. Artist needed for WendigoComics new title "INFERNO"
  66. MONKEYBRAIN writer looking for ARTIST
  67. Submissions Wanted
  68. Colorists Needed ASAP!
  69. illustrator submissions wanted
  70. Writers Letterers Colorists Artists
  71. Writer looking for Artist with immense drive to publish.
  72. Artists Needed!
  73. Artist Needed for 24-page "pilot" comic
  74. Help Wanted
  75. Writer and artist wanted...
  76. Open submissions for writers
  77. ARTISTS, LETTERERS AND COLORISTS WANTED for Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman
  78. Liverpool Days of Future Past Project
  79. Inkers Needed
  80. corolist Needed
  81. Letterers Needed
  82. Looking for an ARTIST who wants to make ridiculous comics
  83. Colorist and Letterer Wanted *Paid*
  84. Graphic Novelist looking for artist and cover artist
  85. I need urgently a pencil (with inker) color for comics and superheroes of Brazil.
  86. Artist wanted for promo pinup. $200 for project
  87. Artist wanted for Roman era comic, UNPAID
  88. "Monstrous" Artist and Letterer Wanted!
  89. Looking for a Colorist
  90. Published Writer/Letterer Looking For Artist For Latest Graphic Novel
  91. Upcoming Superhero Anthology Seeking Submissions!
  92. Calling all Artists/colorists!
  93. Looking for artist for four collaboration
  94. Looking for a penciler
  95. artist needed for Canadian anthology. Deadline October 2014
  96. Art Staff Needed
  97. Guardians Comic Seeks New Artist
  98. Comic artist /letterer needed
  99. Looking for Artist(s) to collaborate with for character designs and web comic.
  100. Colorist needed for 4-page project
  101. Cover Artist Needed (Horror/Zombie)
  102. Looking for a Colorist
  103. Seasoned Scripter looking for artist
  104. Professional Artist Looking For Writer
  105. Assemble!!!
  106. Published Writer looking for Artist
  107. Letterer willing to barter service for artist
  108. Looking For Colorist
  109. Looking for volunteer contributors to new geek blog.
  110. Kickstarter crime miniseries looking for Colorist!!
  111. Comic book page layout/rough/sketch artist wanted (PAID)
  112. Looking for a cover artist and a letter to help finish Kickstarter
  113. Artist wanted for project. Think Twin Peaks meets Batman '66. [UNPAID]
  114. Writer for Sword & Sorcery
  115. looking for colorist (PAID)
  116. Two weeks left to submit pitches for Canadian superhero anthology!
  117. Writer seeking artist
  118. Looking for artist for Card Game (50/50 Partnership)
  119. Help Wanted
  120. Banshee Comics is looking for comics/creators
  121. Twisted Christmas is back!
  122. Looking for artist
  123. Colorist Wanted
  124. Artist sought for suoervillain heist comic
  125. Looking for a Storyboard Artist
  126. Artists and other positions available.
  127. Looking for Colorist
  128. Looking for that one unrecognized talent.
  129. Writer looking for illustrator for graphic novel promotional art
  130. 5 Page X-men DOFP Parody
  131. ARTIST, COVER ARTISTS and COLORISTS WANTED for Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman
  132. Ongoing Image Comic Looking For Colorist
  133. Artists needed for Comics Anthology!
  134. Artist needs talented writer and letters
  135. Contracted Graphic Novel needs penciller. Back-end pay.
  136. Need a logo ?
  137. Looking for digital artist PAID
  138. Artist wanted
  139. Seeking artist for detective comic series
  140. Inker Needed for Upcoming Monster Anthology
  141. Artist looking for Comic/Manga writer
  142. A pro level writer and digital artist wanted for an ambitious project. ( paid job )
  143. Writer seeking artist for one-shot.
  144. Artists Wanted to make Amazing Comics Pay Through Back-End
  145. Writer Seeking Artist for Short (PUBLISHED CREDIT)
  146. Writers Needed
  147. Writers or Artists to help on business end
  148. Bizarre Bazaar, narratively twisted comic seeks collaborative artist.
  149. Seeking letterer, but I'm poor. You've been warned.
  150. Comic Story Pitches Needed for Fantasy Gaming Anthology
  151. Writer seeking Artist
  152. Burstcell the anime could use a partner on it
  153. Colourist Wanted (Paid)
  154. Help Wanted
  155. Writer looking for artist to collaborate on graphic novel
  156. I'm looking for an artist to work on a graphic novel..
  157. Penciler Needed
  158. Sasquatch Art Needed - Artists & Letterers Take Note
  159. Ninja Turtles Writer Seeking Colourist & Letterer (Paid)
  160. Got an online portfolio or similar? Drop me a line...
  161. Western Artist Wanted for Collaboration
  162. Published Writer looking for artist for pitch package and KS
  163. Looking for Artist to collaborate with on a Supernatural/Horror comic book.
  164. Writer looking for Artist to collaborate on a Western
  165. ARTIST WANTED for 11-page Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman story for mini-series
  166. Seeking Artist(s) For Potential Collaboration
  167. Colorist Jam
  168. Colorists Needed
  169. Letterer Needed
  170. Looking for "classic style" graphics
  171. Logo Design for Comic Book & Website $Paid
  172. Colorist needed for 8 pages comic
  173. 4 page comic needs penciller/inker
  174. Self-Published writer seeking artist for Anthonlogy
  175. WRITER seeks ARTIST(s) for bi-monthly suspense/americana/sci-fi series
  176. Logo needed. PAID
  177. Writer looking for Artists
  178. Colorist Needed
  179. I'm Looking for a cover artist.
  180. Looking for Artist to collaborate on Webcomic!
  181. Writer looking for Artist PAID
  182. Looking for a colorist.
  183. Looking for Artists for Sci-Fi/Noir Comic - Paid
  184. Inkers Needed
  185. Pencilers Needed
  186. Looking for Comic Book Colorist- paid
  187. Colourist wanted for female pinups
  188. VILLAIN is looking for a colorist!!!!
  189. Any Los Angeles Artists?
  190. Artist Needed For Last Two Issues Of Comic With Publishing Deal
  192. HELP !! Artist need writer
  193. Penciller and character/set designer needed for Cpt Planet parody
  194. Looking for cartoonist for Graphic Novel Proposal
  195. Artist needed for mini series green lit by publisher.
  196. Let's make a piece for our portfolis
  197. Writer Looking for Artist(s)-PAID
  198. Help Wanted
  199. Artist needed for long-term webcomic project (PAID)
  200. LA-Based Comic Book Artist Wanted
  201. writer seeking artist
  202. Letterers Needed
  203. Artist wanted for sci-fi webcomic
  204. B/W Horror Artist for New Comic Project - PAID
  205. Looking for Letterer for "realistic" superhero webcomic
  206. Seeking Pencilers, Letterers, and Editor/Writers
  207. Pencilers needed
  208. Artist wanted for Viking Age short for anthology
  209. Artist required for new sci-fi series
  210. Looking for Collaborator (Pay Negotiable)
  211. Artist wanted for Graphic Novel (PAID)
  212. Colorist Needed for Ongoing Webcomic
  213. Comic Book Artist Needed
  214. Published author looks for artists for novel companion series
  215. Artist wanted for graphic novel
  216. Looking for someone to illustrate and color 5 pages plus cover (paid)
  217. Looking for inker
  218. Artist needed for horror graphic novel
  219. Children book writer ?
  220. Artist needed for five issue mini series
  221. Inker wanted PAID JOB
  222. Artist needed for webcomic
  223. Artistic Collaborators Needed -- ownership of characters will be 50/50, no pay...
  224. Letterers Wanted-Back End Pay
  225. Artist Wanted For Horror Comic (Back End Pay)
  226. Urgent : Writer needed, 4 page supernatural horror comic script
  227. Writer Looking for Artists for fantastic comics! Pay Through the Backend
  228. Wanted: Artist (Paid)
  229. The Webcomic Factory is Looking for Artists
  230. Wanted: Artist for Collaboration on Sci-fi Miniseries Pitch
  231. Editor/Assistant for Supernatural Buddy-Cop Comedy!
  232. Artist for comic to be published
  233. Artist needed for kickstarter
  234. Artist(s) needed for Crime Fighter comic project/Kickstarter campaign
  235. Need Artist for graphic novel (speak spanish)
  236. 27 Artists needed for Batman Title card colalboration
  237. Artists required for various new projects
  238. Searching collaboration with artist
  239. Penciler needed - major publishers involved / backend pay
  240. Pencilers Needed
  241. Letterers Needed
  242. Inkers Needed
  243. Published Writer Looking for Artist(s)
  244. Concept artist
  245. Seeking Artist for Comic
  246. Colorist needed for horror comic collaboration
  247. Letterer needed for a B/W 8 page Horror anthology (PAID)
  248. Looking for Inker, Colorists and Letter
  249. Looking for artist
  250. Looking for Artists, Inkers, Colorists and Letter