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  1. Editorial Staff Needed for Christian Projects
  2. Show Us Your Colors!
  3. Looking for an Artist to Collaborative Project
  4. awesome submissions
  5. Looking for an artist to collaborate with!
  6. Seeking artist to replace former artist
  7. Looking for an Artist
  8. Looking for Inker
  9. Artist Needed For Monthly Comic Series
  10. Alterna Anthology
  11. Looking for fantasy/horror artist
  12. Writer Looking for an Artistic Partner
  13. Looking for Colorist
  14. Established Writer/Letterer looking for Artist
  15. Looking for Inker, Colorist and Letterer
  16. Looking for COLORIST for promotional poster
  17. Established Big 2 writer looking for talented artist
  18. Artist needed for a 4 page script
  19. Comic Artist to Continue Superman Fan Film Motion Comic
  20. Let's make comics babies together!
  21. Graphic Designers Needed
  22. Published Writer seeking Artists for Collaboration
  23. Looking for a Colorist
  24. Looking for collaborator for horror anthology
  25. ARTIST and COLORISTS WANTED for Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman mini-series
  26. Writer/Letterer looking for an artist to collaborate on story arc.
  27. Artists wanted for the Outré Anthology (8-page stories)
  28. Greyscaler, Flattener, and Colorist for Anthology
  29. (paying)Need a Artist to draw 2 pin-ups for a boxing publication/ colorist needed too
  30. Penciller/Inker needed for Man of God #0
  31. Looking for writer/artist combo. Paid work with contract.
  32. Editorial Staff Wanted-First dibs at writing assignments as they come up
  33. Help Wanted
  34. Pencilers, Inkers, and Colorists Needed
  35. Writer looking for an artist
  36. Artists needed for new indie series concept art
  37. Artists Needed
  38. Got guts?
  39. Artist Needed for Comic Project
  40. Character Designs Paid $$$
  41. 8 page Anthology Alterna
  42. Seeking Artists for Erotic Website
  43. Graphic Novelist looking for Artist
  44. Writer seeking artist for Steampunk-lite comic
  45. Concept artist needed for sci/fi fantasy project
  46. Colorist wanted (Paid)
  47. Artist needed for action/adventure horror comic
  48. Artist needed for Sci Fi Anthology
  49. Writer seeking artist for short comic [PAID]
  50. Artist need for action miniseries
  51. Graphic Novelist and Penciler; looking for inker and colorist
  52. Artist/Inker Needed For Alterna Anthology
  53. Seeking Script for Superhero Webcomic
  54. Former Ninja Turtles Writer Seeking Artists
  55. Writer Seeking Artist
  56. Color Flats Needed
  57. penciler needed.
  58. inkers needed
  59. colorists Needed
  60. Artist wanted...
  61. Gta i need an inker
  62. Looking for an artist for graphic novels
  63. Looking for an artist for a short story
  64. Looking for Flatter
  65. looking for writer
  66. Letter needed
  67. Help Wanted
  68. ROM Spaceknight Project looking for COLORISTS & LETTERERS
  69. D.A.W.N. Wants You !
  70. ARTIST WANTED To Create Comic Strip For Cinema Zine
  71. Creators wanted for UK anthology
  72. Looking for inker
  73. Artist wanted for 52 page Lovecraftian Action/Adventure Comic
  74. Artist Needed for Comic Book
  75. Slice of life book looking for an art team!
  76. Help wanted
  77. Writer looking for artist to collaborate with....
  78. Writer Seeking Artist for GN collaboration
  79. Comic book reviewer (and more)
  80. Seasoned Scripter looking for Artist
  81. CAE Studios looking for new artist.
  82. Storyboard Artist Needed For 90 Second Film - Paid (Sixty Dollars)
  83. Wwi anthology needs artist
  84. Lit Magazine Seeks Illustrator to Adapt Graphic Play
  85. Inkers and colorists needed (backend)
  86. Looking for artists - pencils/inks for multiple books
  87. Black Ship Books seeks website contributors
  88. Soon to be published writer, looking for artist for GN
  89. 8 page comic needs inker!
  90. Looking for an artist for the Heindrich Project comics
  91. Artist Needed for 2014 Alterna Anthology
  92. Artist wanted for comic project
  93. Inker needed for published book
  94. Looking for a colourist.
  95. Writers and artists! Submissions open for Torsobear 'toy-noir' anthology comic
  96. Assistant Editor for Christian Projects
  97. Artist wanted for digital one-shot story.
  98. Seeking colorist
  99. Layout pencils needed
  100. Writer or Artist willing to contribute business/acounting skills
  101. Seeking video game deisgner with no pay.
  102. Peter Gallant 1 page story needs an art team. Paid with printed copies of the comic.
  103. Want to write about geeky things such as Comics, Tech and SciFi?
  104. Acclaimed indie series, seeks pro pencils!
  105. An attempt to raise awareness of artists
  106. Creative team seeking colorist (Read Description)
  107. Letterer for Monthly Superhero Comic Wanted!
  108. Artist for 3 issue low key sci-fi comic needed
  109. Looking for Rough Pencil Collaborator for a signed comic book
  110. Looking for an Artist
  111. Artist wanted for dark superhero/serial killer comic
  112. Fantasy comic Looking for Artist
  113. Artists Needed
  114. artist needed for 8 page short (paid)
  115. Artist Needed for Comic Proposal
  116. Looking for an artist to collaborate on prints
  117. Looking for Artists, Inkers and Colorists to make Amazing Comics
  118. ARTIST, COVER ARTISTS and COLORISTS WANTED for Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman
  119. Artist (pencils & inks) Wanted! PAID gig!
  120. Pin ups needed for Staunch Assassin Kickstarter
  121. COLOR ASSISTANT needed!
  122. Help Wanted
  123. Editors and Assistant Editors Needed
  124. Talented Artists Needed!
  125. Artist wanted for a very difficult project
  126. Artist needed for online graphic novel
  127. Asisstant editor for scritp and art
  128. Seeking Colorist: Back End
  129. Writer look for collaborators
  130. Lex Luthor, Boy Genius ; Let's Have Fun!
  131. Inkers Needed
  132. Pencilers Needed
  133. Colorists Needed
  134. Colorist Wanted
  135. Penciler & Inker (6-8 pages) needed for mini-series submission pitch
  136. Artist Needed
  137. Artist or team needed: Contracted Graphic Novel Script, competitive back-end deal
  138. Artists needed for Star Wars/ Batman/Final Fantasy Fan Fiction comics
  139. Line art needed for webcomic
  140. Inker required
  141. Colorist needed
  142. Help needed for Make-A-Wish foundation project.
  143. Writer looking for illustrating collaborator dreamboat!
  144. Art is Required For 16-page Red Leaf Comics Story
  145. Artist Needed
  146. Artist needed for WendigoComics new title "INFERNO"
  147. Pencilers/Inkers Needed
  148. Artist Needed For New Comic
  149. Artist Needed for Six Page Story
  150. Looking for artists to turn short stories into comics
  151. Peter Gallant 6 page story needs an art team! Printed copies of book as pay.
  152. Help wanted
  153. Creative Talent Needed for Ambitious projects!
  154. Busco socio para crowdfunding tipo Kickstarer
  155. Letterer Wanted for One Page Story
  156. Editors Needed
  157. Writer in Search of Penciller/Inker
  158. COLORISTS WANTED for Geek-Girl, The Almighties and Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman
  159. Former TMNT Writer Seeks Colourist, Letterer
  160. Illustrator required....
  161. VILLAIN is looking for an inker!!!
  162. Pencilers and an Inker Needed
  163. Collaborator Wanted
  164. Seeking artists OF ANY SKILL LEVEL to finish published comic
  165. Artist Wanted
  166. Looking for Artists to make Amazing Comics (Pay Through Kickstarter)
  167. Colorist Wanted -- Paid Gig
  168. Collaborator Artist Wanted for Dark Fantasy/Horror Comic
  169. looking for a Comic Strip Writer
  170. ARTIST WANTED for 11-page Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman story for mini-series
  171. Seeking ARTIST for fantasy/adventure comic with a twist
  172. Looking partner for crowdfunding type Kickstarer
  173. Colourist required
  174. Artist wanted for Iowa City project!
  175. Seeking artists for 4-6 page sci-fi shorts
  176. Letterer Wanted
  177. Collaborator Wanted For Webcomic
  178. Colorist Needed for Approved 10 Page DWP Story
  179. Colorist Wanted
  180. Need artist for horror anthology
  181. Colorist needed asap
  182. Art Director Wanted for Largish Start Up
  183. Artist Collaborator wanted for 5pg story for anthology
  184. Anthology Submissions
  185. Letterer Required For 16-Page Red Leaf Comics Publication
  186. Editors Needed (Future writers)
  187. Looking For Writers!!!!
  188. Looking for motivated artists for solid projects
  189. Collaborators wanted. Shorts or Webcomics
  190. Colorist Needed to help finish a few pages of a comic book
  191. Artist Wanted for Ongoing Collaboration
  192. Pencilers Needed
  193. Line artist looking for colorist
  194. Looking for illustrator for Star Wars fanfiction
  195. Sequential artist needed for dark comedic/Sci-Fi comic
  196. Colorist and pencillers wanted, paid
  197. Artist wanted for realistic, psychological horror story
  198. In need of serious manga artist for unique manga idea
  199. Looking for cover artists
  200. Artist Wanted
  201. Artists wanted for ongoing comic series
  202. Looking to collaborate with writer
  203. American Revere and Champion Comics seeks talent
  204. Artist needed for action/adventure religious webcomc
  205. Seeking Colorist for Major Project (Kickstarter-related)
  206. Seeking Colorist for Six Page Story
  207. RocketBlast Comics Looking For Creators
  208. self-published writer seeking various artist
  209. Looking for COLORIST for submission...
  210. Seeking Colorist for a #0 issue!!
  211. Colorist needed paid
  212. Writers for wax Mag needed
  213. Line Art Needed For Webcomic
  214. Artist wanted for collaboration
  215. PAID Writer needs Artist for 7 Pager
  216. Editor Needed (Future Writer)
  217. Looking for artist for 10-12 page Vampire script
  218. Script wanted
  219. Need artist for layouts and roughs
  220. Writer seeking artist for stylized action comic!
  221. Nooby Looking for a Helping hand!!
  222. Eight Page Pitch needs Artist
  223. Any colorists looking to team up?
  224. Artist needed for WendigoComics new title "INFERNO"
  225. Writer seeks artist
  226. Artist needed for 8-page short story in the horror genre
  227. Writer Looking To Build His Portfolio
  228. Artist needed for fantasy short
  229. HdE seeks artist for 3 panel short
  230. Published Writer seeking Artist
  231. Letterer Needed!
  232. Writer seeking artist
  233. Colorist needed for WendigoComics new title "INFERNO"
  234. Writer Looking To Team Up With Artist (Story Inside)
  235. Artist(s), Writers Needed, Collab, Sequential Art Idea
  236. Paint It Black Comics- colorist & web designer
  237. Geek-oriented website looking to expand slate of content
  238. Help Wanted
  239. Dialogue editor wanted.
  240. Anthology - Looking for Artists/Writers
  241. Letterer for a short story wanted.
  242. Colorist Needed for Comixology Submit Pitch
  243. Socio-Political zombie story needs artist
  244. looking for cartoonist paid
  245. Looking for Artist
  246. Looking for an artist. The more cartoony the better
  247. [NEEDED] Comic Book Artist for Superman Fan Film
  248. Pencilers, Inkers and Colorists Needed
  249. Writer looking for artist for a super heroine drama
  250. writer looking for an artist