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  1. LOOKING FOR AN INKER and/or COLORIST for Supernatural Noir book (PAID)
  2. Proactive Insurance: THE PROS. Writer seeking artist(s) for 4 issues (PAID WORK)
  3. Artist needed for dark and edgy sci-fi tale.
  4. Looking for sci-fi writer (collaboration/paid)
  5. Seeking collaberator for 8 page submission
  6. Seeking Epic Fantsy Artist for submission
  7. Artist collaboration on comic pitch
  8. Inker needed ASAP
  9. Colorist/Flatter needed (PAID)
  10. Looking for eager artist collaborators
  11. Letterer Needed for 8 page sample
  12. Seeking Artist for Science-Fiction/Superhero Script
  13. Seeking Artists, Inkers, Letters, Colorers, Writers - PAID
  14. Writter needed...
  15. Looking for a letterer!!!
  16. Have a short story needing an anthology home
  17. Looking for artists for a charitable project (#CBC4C)
  18. Looking for B/W artist for 4 page short.
  19. Colorist wanted
  20. BRITISH POWER: 1957 - Artist Wanted
  21. Looking for an Artist to collaborate with
  22. Looking for an artist to work with on a comic
  23. Looking for co-writer and artist to collaborate with
  24. Writer in need of artist
  25. Pencils NEEDED for mini series
  26. Colorist needed for a fantasy All ages graphic novel
  27. Help Wanted: Letterer for cover page
  28. Seeking Colorists and Letterers OF ANY SKILL LEVEL
  29. Seeking artist for 5 page short
  30. #3 Venezia Cover Artist [$]
  31. Looking for artist to design character-Paid
  32. looking for writer
  33. Collaborator Wanted
  34. O.T.H.E.R. SCI FI: The Magazine is Seeking Literary and Art Submissions!
  35. Artist wanted
  36. looking for artist(paid)
  37. Inkers, Pencilers & Colorists needed.
  38. Looking For Artist To Collaborate With
  39. Looking for an inker
  40. Colorist Needed for 21 Page Sci Fi Story
  41. Editors Needed
  42. Seeking Colorists For Two New Digital Comics Series
  43. Artist Needed
  44. Artist for Kickstarter Project
  45. Comic Artist/Penciller Wanted
  46. Building a Team
  47. Colorist shout-out! 5 pages needed...
  48. All Comic Book Staff Needed
  49. Penciler/inkers needed
  50. Line artist/inker needed for fantasy comic set in dying Midwest town
  51. Writer seeks collaboration with artist
  52. Colorist wanted for 8 page story
  53. Former TMNT Writer Seeking Artists
  54. Looking for Inker
  55. Meekheroes: Fight Club meets Super Troopers need Artist.
  56. Lots of writers, letterers and artists wanted
  57. Need colorist for guaranteed to be published mini
  58. Penciler/Inker wanted for 5 page submission to Image Comics
  59. Art Team Needed for New City Grrrl Blues.
  60. Seeking Artists For Comic, Paid With Printed Copies of Work
  61. WWI Anthology seeks artists - publisher confirmed
  62. ARTISTS WANTED for The Almighties #0 & #1
  63. Letterer Needed for Published Book
  64. artistic letterer needed
  65. Artist needed
  66. Seeking colorist OF ANY SKILL LEVEL for published project and proposals
  67. Looking to Kickstart an original horror comic
  68. Colorist needed for fantasy webcomic
  69. Looking for an Artist for 2 projects
  70. Published Writer Seeking Artist
  71. Quick Sketch
  72. Looking for Creators for a Science-themed anthology
  73. Looking for Artist to work with DC writer
  74. Artist needed for Sci-fi/horror pitch (PAID)
  75. Line Artists and Colourists for Transformers Comic Series
  76. Character designs for new graphic novel idea needed (Pay offered)
  77. Published writer looking for artist
  78. Vivifica Studios open for Anthology submissions
  79. Colorist and Letterer for Monthly Super Hero Comic Wanted
  80. Letterer for New Monthly Super Hero Comic Wanted
  81. Artist needed for full-length sci-fi/military novel
  82. Writer in need of Artists for Several Books (Pay through Indiegogo)
  83. colorist needed for new comic
  84. Pro colors needed for 1-2 pieces ASAP (PAID)
  85. Need TITLE/LOGO created
  86. 2 Small Logos Needed
  87. Letterer needed paid
  88. Cartoonist needed for small project
  89. Writer looking for artist [Paid]
  90. Looking for artist(s) for anthology stories
  91. Illustrator wanted for Children's book app
  92. Any artist want to collab on a pitch?
  93. Artist wanted for collab with published writer
  94. New comics company seeking
  95. Looking for artists for a charitable project (#CBC4C)
  96. Looking for an artist to work with
  97. All Comic book poaitions- Business knowledge a plus.
  98. ROM Spaceknight Remake Project Looking for Penciller/Inkers
  99. Looking for a writer to do an extreme story rewrite...
  100. CAE looking for new penciller
  101. Looking for artists of all kinds.
  102. Artist(s) Needed for New Comics Project
  103. Colorist Needed
  104. Seeking hobbyist artist to collaborate with
  105. Seeking Artist(s) for collaboration - PAID?
  106. Looking for artists for some short projects
  107. Seasoned Scripter with Finished Scripts looking for Artist
  108. Artist needed for publication (back end)
  109. The Big World Adventures of Peter Gallant is almost there! Paid With Printed Comics
  110. Seeking an artist for short story
  111. I am looking for assistant editor for comic book ongoing series.
  112. Peter Gallant 4 page story needs an art team. Paid with printed copies of the comic.
  113. Seeking artists for web comic projects
  114. Jump into the Limelight... MEGABOOK M3!
  115. Seeking Pencilers, Inkers, Colorists, and Letterers
  116. Looking for an Partner/Artist
  117. looking for colorist
  118. Search for an Artist for our Horror/Road Story Comic Book
  119. Need Penciller & Inker for PUBLICATION in Arcana
  120. Robin Hood meets Scarface project looking for Penciler, Inker
  121. It's all in the Stars
  122. Writer seeks Artist for post-Watchmen style superhero story
  123. Spot colors needed for 5 pages + cover
  124. Serious Collaboration Work
  125. Consultation project
  126. ARTIST WANTED for Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman mini-series
  127. Writers:Choose Your Own Adventure Style collaboration
  128. Seeking Talented Comic Artists
  129. Artists Needed!
  130. Letterer Needed for Horror Comic (Paid)
  131. Comic Artist needed paid
  132. Artist Needed for Innovative Comic Book
  133. Contest! Have Your Cover Featured as a variant for an IDW comic release!
  134. Editorial Staff Needed
  135. Published writer looking for artist for One-Shot
  136. Colorist needed for monthly superhero comic
  137. Artist needed for sci-fi 10 page
  138. Looking for Artist for Historical/Sci-Fi Book
  139. Guardian Comics Lead Writer(s)
  140. Seeking Talented Artist To Illustrate A Completed Graphic Novel...
  141. Novel writer looking for character designs.
  142. letterer required for continuing cat's tales!
  143. Artist/Producer seeking Musicians
  144. Artist looking to team up with writer!
  145. Seeking Talented Artist To Illustrate A Completed Graphic Novel...
  146. Looking for An Artist to get Published with Us
  147. Lookings Artists for new casting
  148. Writer in need of Comic Artist
  149. pencilers,inkers,editors,colorist,letters needed.
  150. Seeking Artist for Megabook #3 Anthology (Published Author)...
  151. I too am looking for an artist for Megabook 3
  152. Colorist needed!
  153. Searching Volunteer Writers
  154. Looking for artists for 10 anthology
  155. Artist needed for comic book
  156. Are you an artist who has had enough of Zombies?
  157. need someone to do a cover for me
  158. Artist Needed For Character Designs
  159. Risen: Baron & Bride looking for artist.
  160. Looking for Committed Colorist, Inker, and Letterer
  161. Looking for an Artist for a a Calvin and Hobbes-esque Comic Strip
  162. Looking for artist, colorist for a comic submission
  163. artist looking
  164. Artist wanted for comic collaboration
  165. Artist/Art needed for Magazine
  166. Artist seeking writer/COLLABORATOR
  167. Comic artist needed for super awesome new project
  168. Looking for Volunteer Artists for exposure
  169. [WANTED] Are You Tired of Boobs!?
  170. Help Wanted
  171. Writer Seeking Artist/Collaborator
  172. Seeking penciler
  173. Looking for a team.
  174. Published writer looking for artist
  175. Colorist needed for Sci-Fi/Superhero comic
  176. Looking for Colourist (Likely Paid) - Noir Comic
  177. Writer Needed for Christian Project
  178. Looking for a Collaborator…
  179. PAID WORK for colorist/letterer
  180. Artist needed
  181. Web designer needed
  182. Seeking Artist for Horror Short
  183. Writer/Inker seeking penciller for comic book pitch.
  184. Flatter wanted! Paid!
  185. Looking for colorist for active comic project.
  186. Seekings artists for Innovation webcomic
  187. Letterer wanted
  188. Artist(s), Writers Needed, Collab, Sequential Art Idea
  189. Collaboration Project: UPDATE
  190. Yaoi Webcomic needs an Artist
  191. Looking for Artists on several projects (Pay through Kickstarter)
  192. Seeking an artist to collaborate on the graphic novel First Nation Killer...
  193. Inkers needed for book to be printed
  194. [HELP WANTED] seeking editor for online web comic
  195. Hobbyist writer seeks hobbyist artist for comic submission.
  196. Sequential Artist/Editior in East Coast area
  197. Artist needed for publication (back end)
  198. Second sight studios taking solicitations
  199. Artist needed
  200. Colorist Wanted
  201. PAID WORK --- Graphic Artist for big job.
  202. Sequential Artist Wanted (Pay via Writer and Kickstarter)
  203. Artist wanted - Paid
  204. Writer wanted
  205. Artist Wanted
  206. Wwi anthology urgently seeks artist
  207. Risen: Baron & Bride looking for colourist
  208. Great opportunity for relatively new colorist.
  209. Artist Wanted
  210. Artist needed for 8 page pitch package...
  211. Political Cartoons & Comic Strips
  212. Collaborations Wanted - PAID
  213. Artists, Pencilers, Inkers, Letterers, Colorists Needed ASAP!
  214. looking for Colors (paid)
  215. New Penciling Artist being sought!
  216. Colorist with Painting Background Needed
  217. Looking for Artist Collaborator
  218. I need a penciler asap!!!
  219. Seasoned Scripter looking for artist
  220. Colorist needed!! guaranteed published work
  221. Pencils needed for pitch
  222. Colorist/Inker needed - Publication Guarenteed plus token payment
  223. Amateur Writer seeks Penciler/Inker/Colourist/Letterer
  224. Colorist needed!! guaranteed published work
  225. Writer Looking for Artists to create great Comics (Pay through Kickstarter)
  226. Cover artist needed
  227. Please read
  228. Independent publisher seeks artists for original projects, pin-ups and covers
  229. Inkers & colorists Needed.
  230. Need Colorist and Letterer for Pitch Pages
  231. Writer Needed For Wrestling Comic Book and Novel
  232. seeking artist collaborator
  233. Graphic Designer Needed
  234. Editor Staff Needed
  235. Published writer looking for colorist.
  236. Writer seeks artist for collaboration
  237. True writer/artist collaboration
  238. Colorist needed for anthology
  239. And the Eisner Award goes to...
  240. Writer looking for artist for Valentines day themed comic.
  241. Artists Wanted
  242. I Need Artists!
  243. Looking for a colorist
  244. Writer Needed for Superhero/Scifi Comic Projects
  245. Help Wanted
  246. Looking for new comic artist
  247. Inked Stars
  248. Published Image Creator Seeking Artists
  249. penciler needed.
  250. Artist/sculptor needed for small 3 inch figure+art print set