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  1. Cover Artist Wanted - $100
  2. Superhero illustration for Realtor advertisement
  3. Short story superhero series Artists Wanted
  4. Ph.D student seeks artist for 100-120 page Graphic Novel on Abuse and Addiction
  5. Seeking Canadian Artist for 30 Colour Illustrations of Animated Character
  6. Looking for manga style artist for full color cover for Yaoi/BL/Queer webcomic
  7. New Artist Need for The Conjurer - Creator Owned Comic Book
  8. PAID JOB: Need Pin-up artist for VIKING anthology
  9. Superhero illustration for New Orleans Realto
  10. Professional writers need artist for proposed Horror mini series
  11. Seeking Artist For 8-Page Contemporary Fantasy Comic
  12. 20-page B&W Adventure/Drama in Need of Artist
  13. Published writer looking for artist
  14. Color Cover Artist Wanted $100
  15. Seeking versatile artist for Mini comic
  16. Colorist for new TikiGod Comic wanted
  17. Colorist wanted, $50/Page
  18. Wanted: Penciller / Inker (B&W) for Tomb-Dive Adventure Comic Game- $975 USD, 13 pgs
  19. Colorist wanted, $30/page
  20. Penciler / Inker / Colorist Needed for Project for RAD Kids
  21. Inker Needed $70/page
  22. artist wanted - $25 per page
  23. Artist wanted for mini series pitch
  24. Penciler with classic manga influence needed
  25. Experienced sequential artist/colorist wanted for graphic novel pitch
  26. Colorist needed $320
  27. PAID: Inker / Colorist
  28. Artist needed for 20 page one shot - $45.00/pg
  29. Artist Still needed for book cover [Paid]
  30. Layout Artist for Adult Themed Comics
  31. [paid] looking for a sequential artist/inker for a dark historical graphic novel.
  32. Colorist Needed for Established Superhero Comic
  33. FANTASY Artists wanted
  34. PAID JOB: Need Artist for One-Page Humor Comic
  35. [PAID] Artist or art team wanted for 22-Page Comic (1st of 4-issue Mini-Series)
  36. [PAID] 4-page SciFi/Fantasy Penciler/Inker/Colorist Wanted
  37. INKER Needed - $70 / page
  38. Looking for experienced artists for a Kickstarter pitch
  39. Penciler Needed for All-Ages, Sci-Fi Comedy Trixie Dynamite
  40. Paid: Letterer Wanted for Ph.d Thesis Graphic Novel on Addiction and Abuse
  41. Work for hire, paid, pin-up/front cover for start of web-comic
  42. Paid! Penciler/Inker/Letterer sought for crazy Aztec Murder/Sports Book!
  43. Paid Gig: Historical Fiction/Adventure
  44. Colorist wanted for 4-issue mini-series
  45. Colorist Needed for Cyberpunk Comic
  46. Colorist Wanted 70 a page
  47. EPIC KING COLLAB - Four pages = 400$
  48. Colorist Wanted! (PAID)
  49. Graphic Novel seeking Artist
  50. Historical Fiction: PAID - Pencils/Inks
  52. Illustrator Wanted
  53. Colorists NEEDED
  54. Illustrator & Letterer Needed!
  55. Artist Wanted: Three Page Alice falls down rabbit hole
  56. Cover Artist must be good at liknesses
  57. Pulp style novel cover needed
  58. Artist/Inker Needed for a One Page Short
  59. Letterer Needed - $10.00/pg, 20 page graphic novel
  60. Seeking professional comic illustrator with range and portfolio of published work
  61. Paid job_Penciler/inker - colorist needed
  62. Artist needed (Penciler/Inker) for completed comic book
  63. Letterer Needed
  64. Wanted: Character Concept Art (Possibility of pencils/inks/colors)
  65. Comic Colorist Needed
  66. Assistant Writer Needed
  67. Seeking Artist for Cerebral Dark Western Comic
  68. Seeking Penciler/Inker, Colorist and Letterer for Sci Fi Graphic Novel (est. 100-120)
  69. Colorist Needed for Cyberpunk Comic
  70. Comic Book Artist Wanted for Sci-Fi Comedy Pitch ($100/page)
  71. COLORIST Needed for a 4-issue series with attached Publisher
  72. COLORIST Needed - Historical Drama Comic
  73. Seeking sequential illustrator for spec work
  74. Artist Needed for Martial Arts Comic
  75. [paid] looking for a sequential artist/inker for a dark historical graphic novel.
  76. [PAID]Colorist to complete our team
  77. Seeking Concept Artists for a Graphic Novel
  78. ARTISTS needed for Grindhouse style comic ($1200)
  79. [PAID] Artist to join our team - Adult web series
  80. [Paid] Dedicated Colorist Needed
  81. Artist for 12-page comic
  82. Looking for artists for one shot comic: Galaxy Girl (paid)
  83. Seeking Digital Watercolor Comic Colorist
  84. [PAID] Artist/Colorist/Letter needed for webcomic series
  85. Artists Needed for 10-page Pitch (PAID)
  86. Searching for killer artist to illustrate a graphic novel ($200/Page, but the rate is
  87. Artist Wanted ($80 per inked page)
  88. Need a talented colorist for superhero comic (long term project)
  89. Pencils on 8 page comic - $160
  90. [PAID] Colorist needed - 100 pages
  91. Seeking comics writers for sci-fi anthology (paid)
  92. Colourist & letterer wanted - 20 pages
  93. [PAID] Colorist needed (PLEASE READ THE FULL AD)
  94. Seeking Penciler/Inker for Comic Book
  95. Looking for a penciller to draw some big robots!
  96. Two panels colored $20
  97. Seeking Canadian Artist for Approx. 30 Colour Illustrations of Animated Character
  98. 5-page story set in 1930s needs artist for Vast Expanse #2
  99. Paying gig for a colorist!
  100. Artist required for ongoing/mini-series comics titles
  101. Seeking Penciler and Inker for Sci Fi Comic Book (USA)
  102. PAID GIG: Need Artist for Six Page Horror/Thriller
  103. Seeking Artist for Promotional/Concept Art for Dystopian Future Graphic Novel
  104. COLORIST WANTED - Paid Job
  105. Writer Seeks Artist - Pencils/Inks for Concept Drawings
  106. Seeking Artist to Pencil and Ink Satirical Comic
  107. Seeking artist for four-page mature readers webcomic
  108. Artist needed - Paid - six-page superhero comic book
  109. Seeking Penciler/Inker for Limited-Series Pitch
  110. [PAID] Comic Book Colorist Needed
  111. COLORIST - $75 / Page
  112. Seeking Inker for 24 Page Sci Fi Book (USA)
  113. Seeking artist for long-term collaboration
  114. letter and logos needed
  115. Looking for Colorist for Pitch (SCIFI/MEDIEVAL)
  116. Looking for Multiple Artists for a Series of Short Stories - $10 per page
  117. Looking for illustrator/cartoonist to help finish graphic novel
  118. Seeking COLORIST for 24 Page Sci Fi Book (USA)
  119. Seeking Comic Illustrator for 24 page Girl Buddy/Sci-fi Book
  120. Letterer needed - comic book
  121. Colorist for Adult themed comic
  122. Comic Letterer (style: silver age comics)
  123. Seeking a friend for the end of the world
  124. Seeking Artist for Graphic Novel Collaboration
  125. Seeking Marker Colorist PAID
  126. PAID GIG: Needs Artist for Pin-ups in Sci-Fi/Horror Anthology
  127. Penciler Needed for Superhero 12 pager
  128. [paid] looking for a sequential artist/inker for a dark historical graphic novel.
  129. Penciller/Inker for first issue of comic
  130. Wanted: FEMALE Penciler for violent indie Superhero book (22pgs at $35pp)
  131. Looking for artists for Issue 2 of Galaxy Girl (paid)
  132. Writer Seeks Artist For Upcoming Webcomic
  133. Seeking All-In-One Cover Artist for Pitch
  134. Seeking Artist for Thriller Set In NYC 80's Music Business
  135. Looking for Digital Illustrator
  136. Seeking Artist for One Page Comic
  137. PAID GIG: Colorist for Published Work
  138. (Paid) 2 artists (pencils/inks) 1 colorist
  139. Comic book colourist wanted
  140. Penciler Needed for Superhero & Adventure Stories
  141. Looking for Colorist -PAID-
  142. Looking for Artist for YA Graphic Novel Pitch
  143. [PAID] Comic Book Colorist Needed
  144. PAID GIG: Need Inker for Sci-Fi Comic Pitch
  145. Seeking sequential artist(s) for 16-page comic at ~$180/page
  146. PAID GIG: Needs Artist for Pin-ups in Sci-Fi/Horror Anthology (New Solicitation)
  147. Wanna get paid to color dinosaurs?
  148. 2-3 Artists Needed (Spooky Comics for Kids)
  149. Inker needed for final pages of project
  150. Looking for Ink & Color FantasyArtist
  151. Artist for 7 Page Story-Paying Job
  152. Webcomic gig. PAID
  153. PAID GIG - Seeking artist(s) for 24 page comic
  154. Seeking Artist, $10 per page, 5 pages total, Under a Deadline
  155. Seeking artists for card game
  156. Comic Book Cover Artist [Paid]
  157. [PAID] Comic Book Inker Needed
  158. Looking for artist for a one page story ($30)
  159. PAID - Seeking artist for 20 page comic
  160. Looking for an artist for one and two page stories
  161. Looking for a Flatter to do 21 Frames - equivalent to about 5 pages of a comic
  162. writer seeking artist for psychological thriller/horror comic book project
  164. Looking for Paid Penciller/Inker
  165. Comics- Full-Time Artist!!!
  166. Comics Freelance Artist!!!
  167. Artist needed to create website logos, and promos (PAID)
  168. [PAID] Letterer needed (PLEASE READ THE FULL AD)
  169. Looking for Artist for comedic Mature Reader comic
  170. Seeking colorist for pulp/sci-fi comic, $15/page
  172. [PAID] Colorist Needed for Tabletop Game
  173. PAID - Artist Wanted To Illustrate/Ink/Color Promotional Material for Graphic Novel
  174. PAID GIG: Flatter for Published Work
  175. [Paid]: Wanted - Comic Book Artist (Penciller)
  176. [PAID] ARTISTS Needed for Fantasy based Anthology short stories
  177. Flatter wanted for children's book
  178. Penciller/inker for Fantasy Manga/Comic ($100/page)
  179. Seeking sequential artist for pulp/sci-fi comic, $40/page
  180. Seeking penciler for pulp/sci-fi comic, $40/page
  181. Artist wanted for 5 Pager. $60 for full project
  182. Artist (penciler/inker) needed:
  183. Paid Gig: Colorist for Sci-Fi Comic Pitch
  184. Comics - Freelance Pencillers and Colorists wanted for current & new projects!
  185. Professional Writers Need Artist for Proposed Science Fiction Mini Series
  186. Paid Color Work
  187. Fantasy and Horror Anthology
  188. Wanted: Letterer for 7 completed pages, few SFX (if any)
  189. 5-page horror comic for Vast Expanse anthology
  190. Artist Wanted for Sci Fi/Adventure comic
  191. Space/Horror character design ($100)
  192. Seeking artists for ongoing comic projects
  193. Wanted: Professional quality colorist for 140 page graphic novel ($50/page)
  194. need superhero artist $40 a page
  195. PAID: Colorist Needed, 7 pages, August 25th deadline
  196. Seeking artist for ongoing comic (ImperialGEFL.com)
  197. Artist required for 20 page western comic
  198. Artist wanted for a 5 page portfolio comic - 90 (GBP) for full project
  199. Seeking Artist(s) for Fantasy Comic
  200. PAID Letterer Work!
  201. Artist for Character Concepts Needed
  202. Seeking Digital Colourist for 50 Page Comic
  203. Seeking Talented Pencil & Inker $40/page
  204. Seeking Artist (Pencil/Ink/Colour) For one page ($50+)
  205. Seeking Artist For A 5-Page Pitch Submission
  206. Comics Cover Artists wanted!
  207. $100/Page - Illustrations For Monthly Comic Book Series
  208. Graphic Designer Wanted - 50 USD/page (8 Pages)
  209. [PAID] Comic Book Colorist Needed
  210. Bio-Alien Sci-Fi Pitch
  211. Paid work for a 5-page pitch with a Grant Opportunity!
  212. Seeking Comic Colorist for NSFW Horror Comedy
  213. Seeking Digital Inker for 50 Page Comic
  214. Paid - Artist, 6 Page Fill-In, $15 per page
  215. Looking for illustrator for promotional art for video game (Paid)
  216. Penciller/Inker/Creative Soul Mate Wanted For Gonzo Grindhouse Action Miniseries
  217. Writer Looking for Colorist ($35/pg) & Letterer ($15/pg)
  218. [PAID] Looking for an artist for a two-pager ($100 per page)
  219. Letterer Wanted ASAP - 15 USD/Page - 45 Pages
  220. Need comic illustrator for miniseries already pitched to publisher / $75p
  221. Artist(s) Wanted for Ongoing Webcomic (about normal people in superhero world)
  222. Illustration Job pay is $73.00
  223. Seeking Pencillers for Graphic Novel ($50+ per page)
  224. Looking for inker and colorist for trading card project
  225. Story Driven Project - Artist Needed
  226. Twenty pages pencils/inks $600 - zombie
  227. [paid] looking for a sequential artist/inker for a dark historical graphic novel.
  228. Inker Needed for 24 Page Comic
  229. Zombie graphic novel needs a penciller
  230. Looking for inker (paid)
  231. Paid, Seeking 10 B&W Artists to Each Draw 1 Page
  232. Inker Wanted
  233. Seeking Colorists for Graphic Novel ($50 per page)
  234. Flatter Needed, 43 pages, $7 a page, $301 total
  235. Colorist wanted (paid) 8 page kickstarter sample
  236. Fantasy/Horror cover artist needed
  237. Colorist for already flattened pages. $25 a page
  238. Layout artist for Adult/Erotic Themed comics
  239. Penciller needed for a historic fiction
  240. Seeking Colorist for NSFW Horror Comedy
  241. Seeking Black and White Illustrator/Artist
  242. Seeking Artist for 12 page Full-Color Comic, Paying $15 per Page
  243. Colorist Wanted (Paid) for Ongoing Martial Arts Comic
  244. Cloudscape Comics seeking stories for "Swan Song" anthology
  245. Colorist needed
  246. Character Designer Wanted for Children's Book
  247. Penciller wanted for a one shot manga
  248. Seeking artist for graphic novel.
  249. seeking artist for slice of life romance one-shot
  250. Seeking Artist for ongoing Fantasy/VR project. $45/page