Digital Webbing Comics

Anthologies and Creator-Owned

Digital Webbing ventured into the publishing arena with it's debut title "Digital Webbing Presents" an anthology series showcasing the talent from our forums. The series ran for 32 issues and was distributed through the Diamond Distributing system.

Creators featured in the series include Ryan Ottley, Mahmud Asrar, Yildiray Cinar, Chad Hardin, and many, many more.

Other titles published include the return of E-Man (an old Charlton favorite), SKUMM (based on an action figure line of toys), BloodRayne (hit video game), and several creator-owned titles such as Fist of Justice, Sword of Dracula, Nothingface, Zombie Highway, Dark 48, Team 14, and more.

This section will be expanded in the coming months to include previews and options to pick up back issues.